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  1. I think Vicario has played at least 4 games? Covid usually last around 2 weeks?
  2. What happened to Cragno. I think Cagliari been playing with Vicario at GK and they've done well recently
  3. Honestly, I love the new UCL format. I just hate the fact that there is 2 slots for "historical" teams. I also not quite understand why they decide on 36 teams instead of 32 or 40. I guess they will have 6 pots of 6 teams each. And Pot 1 team will play twice against Pot 2,3,4,5,6 teams. If that so, I think it is kinda unfair. Pot 1 team have the easiest schedule, Pot 6 would have hardest schedule...
  4. Teams like Inter, Milan, and Atleti would be irrelevant in 20 years if they join the super league. It will create another income gap again between the top teams and other. If some of you following American sports little bit, there is a reason North Dakota State University college football team doesn't want to join the FBS (highest division of college football) despite being stronger than probably 50% of FBS teams throughout the years. They prefer to be in weaker division and win, which will attract fans and recruits, than being the bottom irrelevant team in stronger division.
  5. Gaya or Angelino? I also have Ferland Mendy He is very good player, but I think you're right, he won't rise because Crotone is going down. I think Serie A team will try to poach him so one to watch for winter rise I guess. SM removed the feature of not for sale years ago. I also annoyed with constant bidding....
  6. 4-3-2-1 or 4-2-3-1B? There is no 4-3-2-1B, mate 🤣 Well if you are better team, play attacking. Untick tight marking and men behind ball because it will make your team more defensive. https://www.soccermanager.com/help.php?action=loadarticle&aid=140 I also like to press All over, usually it give me more possession, but more condition % consumed..
  7. Forgot to add. Try to buy the highest rated CF. In one of my GWs, a team that is only around 6th strongest win the league consistently because he has Ronaldo. He also used 4-2-3-1B. He always win against me if he play Ronaldo despite I always win the possession, shots, and shot on target. He even play Ronaldo when the condition around 85% and Ronaldo still score a brace. I think if you have spurs you still have Kane? If that's so that is very good
  8. use 4-2-3-1B. I think that is the META for the current match engine. The downside is that everyone also use that formation. Well, increase your team rating is probably my only advise...
  9. The thing is I think 5-3-2 is redundant, it's basically 3-5-2. And i don't really want to talk about attacking/defensive formation. But in reality, there is no AM(R,L) playing as the winger in 3-5-2 formation. If you want an offensive form of 3-5-2. there is 3-3-4. It's still maintain the 3-5-2 shape (3CBs 3CMs 2 CFs) but with offensive wingers. So think about 5-3-2 defensive, 3-5-2 balance, 3-3-4 offensive
  10. @Nameless I think 3-5-2 is correctly presented in SM though. DM, M (R,L) for the wing position is the right position for it. Perisic who was an attacking winger been playing in 3-5-2. Initially he doesn't want to play in that position so he moved to Bayern. Now, he accepts his role. Very bad initially, but now he is more adept playing in that role. And SM already gave his M(R,L) position even before he is adept at playing it. Can't imagine AM(R,L) playing as wing-back. No team IRL play as attacking winger in 3-5-2. And honestly it is generally a defensive formation
  11. Interested what the income that everyone generates. Mine is: Gate Receipts 3,350,108 TV Revenue 6,553,320 Sponsor 1,170,642 Merchandise 390,214 Average attendance: 5825 I think TV revenue should be the same for all teams? (at least within the same division?)
  12. Sorry mate, I think all reports are useless nowadays
  13. AZ still unmanaged. Everybody except Hafiz and you are back
  14. Transfer ban is alright. I think it's c) or d) for me. Leaning towards d) more
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