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  1. Only watched him for a game when he get subbed in when Inter was comfortably winning. So, I'm not sure. With limited minutes I think he won his only one on one battles and comfortable with the ball. Certainly less nervous than Agoume last season, but Agoume was subbed in when Inter need win/defending 1 goal lead so he got more pressure. Conte was trusting Pirola to be backup LCB, but decided to loan him away and kept Ranocchia. I guess Conte didn't rate Bastoni as middle CB after Fiorentina game, who knows.
  2. YES! At least don't give option to change usernames. I think it should be unique to make cheating report easier. I have a situation in a GW that the cheater change his manager names into manager names within the GW. It was so confusing, he used 3 accounts and all of them has the same manager name with other legit (and vocal) managers
  3. Godin was released. So, I hope Skriniar could be the first choice again. Currently contacting Covid, so he hasn't been playing. And Conte have been experimenting with 1 CB formation that give me heart attacks 😅
  4. Are you playing against stronger/weaker team? I usually use 4-3-3B and attack down both flanks. I do get mixed result using that tactic.
  5. Sorry I don't understand. Why Barella is capped at 91 while Brozovic at 92? They play for the same team. And currently Barella is a first choice while Brozovic is rotated with other midfielders.
  6. Need to sell 2 out of these players. Who do you reckon has the most chance of his rating decreased in upcoming review: Isco, Dani Parejo, Lorenzo Insigne, Luis Alberto
  7. True, this season teams also don't have preseason. So, it is more chaotic at the start . Not to mention that there is COVID that impacts some teams. Anyway, Napoli actually plays very good. Shame they get deducted by 1 point.
  8. Only Lazio didn't score in the weekend. I think football in general have changed, players are fitter, stronger, and faster. Hence, the game become faster and there are more goals. Italian managers could be inspired by Gasperini too. Pippo Inzaghi (Benevento) play a high-pressing football and build from the back, which is honestly very dangerous with the level of players that he has. Lot of goals nowadays are due to losing ball in dangerous position, unlike years before where the goal is due to moment of brilliance by highly-technical player. Sadly, due to globalization/finance reason the
  9. Ok, very defensive setup + long balls doesn't work. Tried all formations like 5-3-2, 5-2-3, 5-4-1, 3-2-2-2-1 but I get 100% losing record, even against similar rated teams. I see that I have low possession (~40%), similar shots, but significantly low shots on target. I guess playing 4-2-3-1B very defensive, with Fast tempo and Own Area pressing is better against higher rated teams, I often get results that way.
  10. I agree, this could be a problem. I really don't understand why a lot of people is concerning 90 rated player will play similar to 95 rated player. When I think about the problem with flexible rating, the first thing that came to my mind is it could create huge gap between high rating players. Why? In SM current match engine, high-rated player tends to get higher match rating. So let say 95 rated player will consistently get 8+ rating while 90 rated usually stuck with 6. So, those 95 will easily become 98 and 90-rated will stuck at 90 or even worse. And of course, SM need to adjus
  11. change the goalie to KIKO casilla and you have the perfect team
  12. Watch him score another header goal again tonight 😁
  13. No!!! Ihattaren is in rough patch. He seems getting depressed and fatter. Romero could be regular at Atalanta, Gasperini praised him a lot
  14. Cmon guys, why a lot of fuss about flexible ratings. I think it is a great addition and there are more questionable changes that needs our attention. Why I think flexible rating is great: It give us clarity on how form, morale, condition impact It make the game simpler! Now you know who the best player to pick for each game. No need to think: "do I pick 92 rated with 75 condition or 89 rated with 100 condition" It's perfectly realistic! Player can have hot streak (think Teemu Pukki, Adnan Januzaj, Ricky Alvarez) or cold streak (think Alexis at MU, 2011 Milito) It p
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