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  1. At least I am not doing anything wrong 😂. Thanks mate.
  2. Good Defenders are becoming a rare breed in football compared to good attacking players. I am trying to nail the best young under 23 defenders for future. I have a number so far. Who do you view as options?
  3. Anyone know what the deciding factors on when a couple or more teams bid the maximum for a player of an unmanaged clubs. Is it random where they end up going?
  4. Anyone know when the top flight European leagues will be reviewed next?
  5. Hello, I am in desperate need of funds, I am one or two players I can sell from my senior squad but awaiting TB. however, below are the highest rated/valued youngster I have mid 80s upwards. Would you sell of these yet? Osimhen Baumgartner Tapsoba Fofana Szoboszlai Eze Hauge jacobs
  6. I am desperate for defenders as all the 90 plus defenders are tied up. i am trying to bring the best young defenders in the 70 and 80 ratings for future. Who do you think are the best ones to bring in so I can compare?
  7. What order would you keep these players in? Gueye Bentancur Banega Brandt Calhanoglu
  8. I am new and was only asking the question. it seemed to get a list of thoughts rather than give you a list of players taken. Sorry.,
  9. Can anyone give me a list of Young players between 80-89 who are destined to be 90 plus in the future. Hopefully ones that are not taken in my game world so more the better.
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