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  1. Re: Ronaldo deserves 99 too! Imo Xavi is the best player in the world at the moment, at his role he is comparable to no other and is just sublime in every touch of the ball. Just in the same way as you cant compare defenders to forwards, you cant discredit him for not scoring, as thats not his role, he keeps the ball stops the other team from scoring and then supplies it to the front. He is the player all other 10 players rely on, he deserves to be similarly rated to Ronaldo and Messi. Also Messi shouldn't receive a 99 really, as the only other palyer to receive the magic rating won the world cup, champions league and la liga. Argentina had a shaky qualification into the world cup, untill losing 4-0 in the quarter final and Messi did not play well the whole world cup. Xavi on the other hand has repeated Ronaldinho's success (obviously not only factor otherwise Iniesta, Pique, Puyol, Pedro, Busquets, David Villa would also be the same.) Xavi won the Euro player of the tournament. I think Messi as still young has time to show his international success and truly show that he deserves to be a 99 player.
  2. Re: Van Der Wiel for Sagna or Diego Thanks guys, the thought process is though that i offload diego then, but then use either sagna or dani alves to purchase another player like a LB. Was just wondering whether Van Der Wiel is worth the swap.
  3. I am trying to buy Van der Wiel and the manager wants either Sagna or Ribas Diego for him, which one would be better to swap, and if not should i ask for some money along side. I also already have Alves at RB, but i like to often squad rotate. In centre midfield i have Xavi, Cambiasso, Lampard , De Jong and Iniesta (but play him on the wing). Will Van der wiel rise soon (is he likely to move), or will Diego drop? Cheers in advance!
  4. Re: Revamp Youth Players Sorry ment to be Schennikov. And Cheers Adzy89, i will see what others think too, but that it is a great help, definitely repped!
  5. Hello it's been a while since I have been active really on the forum, so all help will be greatly appreciated. I have alot of youth players, and i am considering selling most of the players listed below to bring in some money. Basically are there any players who i should definitely keep or sell, and any that i should wait till the next ratings! Thanks! GK Bolat - 86 Mannone - 83 Ventura - 83 Zieler - 82 LB Schennikov - 88 Renan - 87 Schmitz - 86 Kolodziejczak - 80 Alonso, Marcos - 82 RB Santon - 87 Opare - 83 Fernandes - 85 CB Dominguez - 88 Reinartz - 88 Khacheridi - 86 Zambrano - 86 Bartra - 84 Wing Perotti - 89 Candreva - 87 Adrián - 87 Costa - 86 Cleverley - 85 Emmanuel-Thomas - 82 Carcela-Gonzalez - 86 Keko - 82 Stanislas - 84 El Ghanassy - 85 Weiss - 86 Muniain - 87 Griezmann - 87 Shaqiri - 86 Rodriguez, James - 86 (Schurrle) - 88 CM Poli - 88 Jonathan, Dos Santos - 85 Santos, Andre - 86 Camacho - 84 Kenia - 82 Gonalons - 87 Moritz - 85 Matip - 85 Coquelin - 82 Franco - 82 FWD Hulk - 90 Vela - 87 Di santo - 86 Keirrison - 87 Macheda -83 Paloschi - 86 Mazola - 83 Ben Khalifa - 82 Osei - 80
  6. Re: Aguero vs Higuain ok cheers both repped, looks like i will try to buy higuain for possibly dzeko or milito instead, and if not then try aguero.
  7. Hey all, basically i have Aguero and have had him for many seasons, i wanted to try and buy Higuain as heard he is likely to rise to 94, but manager is rejecting my offers. Should i offer Aguero, as will he keep his 94 or fall to 93, and how likely is Higuain's 94. Therfefore also who is the better option for the future. Many thanks in advance.
  8. Re: Rodríguez PEDRO "Look at Alex Song. Arguably Arsenals most important player this season" Im sorry but where did this come from how is he the most important player for arsenal this season? more than fabregas, van persie when not injured, even arshavin and vermaelen? he was stong this season and 90 fair poss 91, but a bit too far to say most important player.
  9. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Okay cheers repped, good to know as was considering selling Lestienne. Any one else have any other ideas?
  10. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Hey, i need to make some more funds available, so i need to sell some of my youth players. So is there anyone who i should definitely sell now, or anyone i should def keep for the future. Cheers in advance, any help is appreciated, rep available. Bolat Carcela Gonzalez Ozcal Henderson Zambrano Michel Nemeth Griezmann Camacho Cleverley Koch Church Kenia Moritz Andre Santos Weiss Daeseleire Walker Fabio Faria Osei Wood El Ghanassy Ignjovski Forbes Reinartz Ventura Schmitz Makonda Coppens Riviere Lestienne Addy Marcos Alonso Butterfield Fallou
  11. Re: Pato + 80mill for Dzeko ??? How is this even possible a 92 rated younger + 80m for an older 91? If the manager really offered this bite his hand off.
  12. Re: Santon! Okay cheers will do repped but sorry H3MMO have to spread around. So santon is def looking at a rise?
  13. Re: Santon! Oh really, okay cheers mate repped, Is what everyone else thinks aswell, so i need to cancel deal?
  14. I have accpepted a bid to sell Santon for 8m + P.Maicon + Prosenik. Is this a good deal as i know Santon is an amazing prospect but heard he wont rise this rating changes, also heard macion might? so for short term and longer too who would you rather have Santon or Maicon + Prosenik. Cheers in advance.
  15. Re: THIAGO SILVA + £10m = GODÍN I would accept now, Thiago Silva will definintely rise to 90 and quite possibly to 91, Godin will stay. They are similar ages, Godin is playing for a strugling Villareal and a fairly weak NT whereas Silva with Milan could replace Lucio for the Brazil NT. So i would especially as you are getting money aswell.
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