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    Watching football + playing Fifa? lol fail.
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    Marek Hamsik, Davide Santon, Fernando Torres,Robinho, R80, Ibra, Julio Cesar, Maricon, Zanetti
  1. Re: Italian Ratings! You people shouldn't just base the ratings on minutes of playing time,starts + goals. Base ratings on performances. And by actually watching the games. (although the league is now over)
  2. Re: fabio Haha, you're a Man Utd hater for sure. Just like me. =D Well, I think his bro Rafael is better.
  3. Re: Vaclav Kadlec AGE: 16 (20th May 1992) I can't find a single vid of him on youtube! D:
  4. Re: fabio Maybe 86? He won't go to a straight 90 tough.
  5. Re: Should i do this deal ? Dude don't ever sell Torres!
  6. Re: should i do this pato and mikel confsued help please ! Accept straight away mate.
  7. Re: Need a 91 center back who will rise?!?! Skrtel xD Or umm, Zapata? Zapata has been really good this season, but he's rated 90 (aged 22). He has a very big chance to rise to 92.
  8. Re: loan deals Yes there should be some kind of contract, just like in real life. Maybe like, the player would stay till mid-season, or for 2 seasons or for 1 season etc.
  9. Re: Girlfriend Thread (exciting!!!)
  10. Re: Rubbish player pictures Yeah, I just took L'pool yesterday in a world Championship and my goodness! The youngster's profile pictures are TOTAL MISERY! Go and have a look D: Total disaster.
  11. Re: Spain Vs England I'm going to side with Spain! =D Espainiaaaaaaaaaa Hala Hala!
  12. Re: 93+ players that will rise???? So you're saying Maicon can't defend? =P You think so? Just watch some Inter games. Well' date=' to be honest I have only seen Alves playing about 3 times xD[/font']
  13. Re: Should I accept ?! First of all don't double post ok' date=' second accept and get Lavezzi.[/b']
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