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  1. I've got 11 teams that I've spent months building up. I've got all of the best players and loads of risers and loads of money in each team. Sadly I'm getting a bit sick of the game bombarding me now with player offers for my players now that they are available to be transferred as the cycle has now arrived. If anyone wants any of my teams I'll be quitting each club today at 11am. Feel free to take any of them on. This thread is great and you have contributed to many hours of fun on the name but sadly its just doing my head in now. The Classic quote "I've taken the club as far as I can" definately applies here. If anyone wants a specific club please pm me and I'll release it sooner. Cheers everyone Dave
  2. I lost out despite being the first biggest bidder and real madrid lolol gutted
  3. Well I'm Real Madrid and the other bidder Is Barca...same with alphonso davies where we have bid the max. Should be interesting
  4. Yep it's all about talent scouting and getting in there first. I've got 650m in the bank and a good team full of risers and young players..
  5. Worth the money? I bid first so should get him lol... Just hope that nobody takes over lille and cancels it all
  6. Manchester United player to watch in the future. Looks class
  7. Here's a good one I've got fabinho who I'm not reliant on ... Straight Swap for Lautauro martinez...? I've already got mbappe firmino and salah..but want to sell firmino and play salah and mbappe on the wings
  8. OMG this guy has 230 clubs lol Surely he's a plant from the game??
  9. Its mad as some players on here from eight years ago who were BYT's never really got the higher ratings we all thought they would. Ganso and neymar were both highly rated and a similar age at the time but went down differing paths.... Interesting watching them all develop... Lloris was 23 and in a great lyon team I think at the time and they beat Liverpool in the chains league... Think puel was their boss...
  10. Yeah I'm not on there lol..I know you'd done a piece about him. Was just letting people know he's been added on SM. Wonder why Arthur isn't playing ....paid a lot for him... Weird. Hoping can de beek plays more too.
  11. Sorry if he's already been discussed on here Liam Delap at Man city. 17 is for almost nowt on the game. Get him snapped up
  12. Matias Arezo at River plate. Regular starter for them. 17 and £2m. Good investment I think
  13. Just been offered a deal for me to get fati... Fati in exchange for greenwood and 9m. OMG haha I'm a united fan and am slightly biased but Fati is awesome
  14. Every manager has been made a scapegoat for the failings... Not rocket science to see who is to blame..constant dross from above....terrible that every manager has been mugged off
  15. Alex telles.... Shaw and Williams zero assists.. No brainer to bring this guy in
  16. You could argue that every manager has been made to look like a fool... Ole.. Mourinho.. Van gaal.. Moyes was awful for us and was the cause of so many issues.. A combination of the board...poor recruitment..and Ed woodward being a tool has ruined us
  17. Just watching this video on oellestri. Ole must like him as he seems to get fouled a lot... Fouls= free kicks and penalties 😂😂😂
  18. I totally agree..but what do they do?? Sack the manager! Every time! Ole clicked up with his team selections for the cup semis and a bit of rot has set in since maguire got pissed and causes bother abroad.... Why agent we playing van de beek?? Mastic is too slow.. Soumare at lille would have been class
  19. May have already been accepted and show that it was accepted a few hours ago in your feed...even though technically you can still withdraw it or others can bid
  20. Totally otherwise it could get messy. Also if you part ex it doesn't show up as a transfer if you have them shortlisted... Obvs it does when your subsequent bid comes in.. Normally it's 10% extra isn't it you can buy the players for but it's worth it 😂😂
  21. Funny little caveat in the game is when you part exchange a player with an unmanged external club he's transfer banned for a week. In some cases I've seen that players are losing the transfer ban the very next day if the players club is unmanaged and that club is then bidding on a player I thought was banned...strange
  22. Roger Ibanez at Roma...regular starter for them...bargain at just over 2m
  23. Yeah all sounds like a reason to drop his score.... Not! Hamiltons the worst but then again he's going to knock Schumacher off his pedestal... Superb!
  24. No players needed for a few years in this team.... Wonder which player in the starting eleven will be the first to see a drop in rating and when...
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