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  1. I've got 11 teams that I've spent months building up. I've got all of the best players and loads of risers and loads of money in each team. Sadly I'm getting a bit sick of the game bombarding me now with player offers for my players now that they are available to be transferred as the cycle has now arrived. If anyone wants any of my teams I'll be quitting each club today at 11am. Feel free to take any of them on. This thread is great and you have contributed to many hours of fun on the name but sadly its just doing my head in now.

    The Classic quote "I've taken the club as far as I can" definately applies here.

    If anyone wants a specific club please pm me and I'll release it sooner.

    Cheers everyone  




  2. 56 minutes ago, hoochy koochy said:

    Surely between Halaand and Camavinga. Although Alphonso davies, Sancho and Greenwood will have a say on top 3. Fati too. Too much talent there. Some will amount to nothing in 4/5 years time sadly. 

    Its mad as some players on here from eight years ago who were BYT's never really got the higher ratings we all thought they would. Ganso and neymar were both highly rated and a similar age at the time but went down differing paths.... Interesting watching them all develop... Lloris was 23 and in a great lyon team I think at the time and they beat Liverpool in the chains league...  Think puel was their boss... 

  3. 19 minutes ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    Did a report about him on my thread.

    Was really hoping he would be more game time with injuries but I guess Pep would rather play Sterling as a false 9 😔

    I guess it depends what position you really need, a LB or CAM. I would probably edge Mendy in general because United are in such a mess.

    Barry Hepburn.

    Niguez. Solid 93 for the next 4/5 years.

    Unless you need depth, I think Rodrygo could get 90 and beyond in years to come.

    Depends on his and Sevilla’s season. I would say no generally.

    Yeah I'm not on there lol..I know you'd done a piece about him.

    Was just letting people know he's been added on SM.

    Wonder why Arthur isn't playing ....paid a lot for him... Weird.

    Hoping can de beek plays more too.

  4. 46 minutes ago, crvena_zvezda said:





    I really don't think Ed Woodward knows what he is doing. Telles could a decent signing, but the deal should have been done ages ago. Cavani is such a desperation signing, Man Utd should not be signing someone like Cavani. Now that they've missed out of Sancho, means it'll never happen. He'll go elsewhere next summer (I have a feeling it'll be Liverpool). Ole isn't good enough to be the Utd manager, but a new manager would still have the same problem of Ed being a fool and the Glazers only caring about money and not success.

    Every manager has been made a scapegoat for the failings... Not rocket science to see who is to blame..constant dross from above....terrible that every manager has been mugged off

  5. 26 minutes ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    Was hoping O. Dembele joined so I could post this picture with the caption ‘Dembele after playing 4 games in 8 days’ 😂


    In all serious though whoever is making the decisions up top are humiliating Man United, this deadline day just makes them look clueless.

    I also don’t think Ole has the tactical noise/awareness to take the team forward either but he isn’t helped by the board.

    You could argue that every manager has been made to look like a fool... Ole.. Mourinho.. Van gaal.. Moyes was awful for us and was the cause of so many issues.. A combination of the board...poor recruitment..and Ed woodward being a tool has ruined us

  6. 1 minute ago, The Finisher said:

    Ed Woodward is a clown. You spend months inquiring and not putting in the required bid for 2 players (Sancho and Alex Telles), then on deadline day instead of signing Sancho, you sign a 17 year old that won't even play until January, who has played about 25 minutes in Serie A for 30 mill. Then you cave in and sign Telles for the required bid when he could've joined weeks ago and integrated into the team. And you sign Cavani, 33 years old, for 2 years, who was a free agent back in July 1st and no one put in a bid for him.


    I hate Ed Woodward so much, he, the Glazers, Matt Judge and these clueless unambitious board members are ruining Man Utd. Once they sack Ole, they'll just repeat the same thing over and over.

    I totally agree..but what do they do?? Sack the manager! Every time! Ole clicked up with his team selections for the cup semis and a bit of rot has set in since maguire got pissed and causes bother abroad.... Why agent we playing  van de beek?? Mastic is too slow.. Soumare at lille would have been class

  7. 17 minutes ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    Absolutely 😂

    I’ve done that not going to lie haha, also I’ve sold players who I’ve bought months ago back to clubs (external) who the player plays for IRL and got the value plus a lot extra and then bought him back a week later.

    Nice way of making a little extra money that can go towards another player. Can only do this in less competitive worlds though 😂

    Totally otherwise it could get messy. Also if you part ex it doesn't show up as a transfer if you have them shortlisted... Obvs it does when your subsequent bid comes in.. Normally it's 10% extra isn't it you can buy the players for but it's worth it 😂😂

  8. 1 hour ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    T.Hernandez for me, he’s younger and has been excellent at Milan.

    To add to this, if you accept all 3 bids from the same team you won’t be able to buy any players from that team because you can only trade between 2 clubs 3 times per season. Bonkers.

    Stops a ridiculous amount of cheating though but not great if you are in a GW that isn’t competitive and you want all the best players from each club.

    Funny little caveat in the game is when you part exchange a player with an unmanged external club he's transfer banned for a week. In some cases I've seen that players are losing the transfer ban the very next day if the players club is unmanaged and that club is then bidding on a player I thought was banned...strange 

  9. 7 hours ago, Sareum said:

    First to drop should be Rashford or Arthur.


    I genuinely cannot stand Rashford.  So over-rated.  

    He should keep his nose (it’s even bigger than mine and I’ve got a nose like a Donkeys cock!) out of politics.  I’m sure he’d not like it if we start putting politicians on a football pitch?  There is no genuine reason for child poverty in this country unless their parents are negligent.  That’s what the welfare state is for.  The welfare state that has had above inflation rises for about 7 years if my memory serves me right?  

    Should it pay to not work?  No.  It shouldn’t.  

    Rashford - Know your place sunshine.  You kick a football about, that’s it.  

    Credit where it’s due, I’ve never heard any bad off-field press about him.  

    Yeah all sounds like a reason to drop his score.... Not!

    Hamiltons the worst but then again he's going to knock Schumacher off his pedestal... Superb!

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