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  1. Yeah I watched the whole game too....lol must have got him mixed up with someone else. 2m could be high 80s by the end of the season. Don't forget LA Galaxys Efrain Alvarez at LA Galaxy... He could be the next big thing over there...£400k
  2. Curtis Jones started for Liverpool yesterday... He's £2m or so... Get him snapped up!!! Sorry if he's been posted here before
  3. Mate Valverde posted 30 odd games for real last season and is 22... Will be the mainstay of the team for the next eight years at least and rise up to 95...mass potential...coman is a top player too and will only go up I think IF he's fit. Get swapping...plus the cash you could buy ferran Torres lol
  4. Cheers mate. Just trying to re jig my teams. Not a huge fan of 433 though on paper as it looks quite compact and most wingers aren't adaptable enough to play in midfield...I'll give it a whirl though if you think it's the best one...
  5. Cheers mate..over everything else though??? I know that there's no magic tactic etc etc Stuff like tackling and the other stuff make much difference?
  6. Guys In need of a hand 4231b formation or another... 442a with nothing changed is popular in most worlds im in and seems to be successful... Any preference or another one maybe? I've been away so long but pleased to be back.. Have ten teams on the go 😂😂😂😳
  7. Cheers matey.... Last but no means least any strikers? Zirkzee... Vinecius... Greenwood.. Ansu fati... Felix..Rashford.. Haaland..any more under 22 years old you'd recommend? Thanks a lot mate
  8. I'm using the tactic 4-2-3-1B... Is there any formation that is tried and tested to get results? I know years ago there was certain ones that everyone used but I've been away for such a long time it's hard to get back onto it and remember lol
  9. Just keeping the player vibe going re top players in each position... Keepers I'm struggling with Unbahaun will be Germany number one in a few years. Henderson at United will be great... Any others you fancy who are young and have mega potential? Donarumma is the obvious one and Meret at napoli and simons at athletic club
  10. What's the score with the update mate? I've been away for a while and have got mine teams on the go now lol
  11. Best under u22 team is as follows Donnarumma / unbahaun (cheap number 2) Trent Alexander Arnold De ligt Upamecano Lodi / militao Valverde Sancho Felix Bellingham/reinier/ansu fati/vinicious junior etc lol Haaland/Greenwood/Rashford Can't beat that!
  12. Midfielders are easier Reyna, reinier, camavinga, vinecius junior, rodrygo, ansu fati, greenwood, wirtz, unavar, gravenberch, cherki.... Bellingham, trincao, tavares at benfica... Xavi simons is a must have...Barrenexta at real sociedad. Two corkers if you watch on YouTube are doku and Efrain alvarez at galaxy.. Must buys! Any more that are destined for greatness anyone?
  13. Donnarumma Trent De ligt Upamecano Lodi Valverde Sancho Felix Bellingham/reinier/ansu fati/vinecius junior Haaland Can't get better than that mate
  14. Decent young defenders are hard to find aren't they...you pay a massive premium for a decent one... Any decent ones that you know of coming through under 90 rated under the age of 24? There's about x100 more attacking players out there than defenders who have any potential... Saliba.. Gabriel..upamecano... Badiashile are just a few destined for good things I reckon.... Keep the names coming
  15. Exactly!!! 18 and has a stunner in front of him... Lol
  16. Hey mate..if the Icelandic goddesses were nice them who could blame them? Just young lads...
  17. Can you get three better free agents than this? Fati Vinecius Junior Rodrygo I've already got greenwood in my squad..found this league yesterday..lol Also Lodi on a free agent deal too 😂😂 Unbehaun will be Germany number one in the future too....
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