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  1. I’m a subscriber, and they are saying Camavinga would add an extra 6 points or something, and Varane would add another 4 or so. Basically, sign both and your chance of winning the title goes from 1.2% to 15%, according to Real Analytics. FWIW, I think The Athletic is well worth one of the discount deals, but I will probably cancel subscription once it bumps up to full price
  2. I haven't waited, I've picked him up, I was just curious as to see people's thoughts on him Thanks Thorgan, that was my thinking too
  3. Anyone with any thoughts on Kacper Kozlowski? Linked to Man Utd and Barcelona recently, i thought he looked decent when he came on at the Euros but not spectacular (but obviously, the youngest ever player at the tournament)
  4. Often teenage footballers still look like footballers. But Bounida really does look like a child. Maybe I'm just getting older... I've got a question for your pod Thorgan - what on earth is going on with Wuiker Farinez, and can he make good on his potential after an... intriguing... couple of years. I also wouldn't mind knowing about some South America prospects outside of Brazil and Argentina (although this might count as a third question if you break the Farinez one into two)
  5. Sven Botman or Wesley Fofana guys? Also, thoughts on Daka and Soumare moving to Leicester? Thanks in advance!
  6. Am I right in thinking Sandro Tonali will stick at 89, given the season he’s had? He’s not earned a rise to 90, or have I not been paying enough attention?
  7. I have a late night goalkeeping quandary: Bayindir, Farinez or Bodart? Highest ceiling and fastest riser? CGW.
  8. I’ve just realised is still have Mert Cetin in my reserves. Is he worth hanging on to?
  9. Any thoughts on Armando Broja? Worth a gamble?
  10. What chance of a Fabianski +1, with WHU’s form?
  11. Fair enough. Thanks for this. You know, trying to pay attention to everything and work out what might work, it never occurred to me that Leipzig would have a CB opening next season. Must try harder 😂
  12. Simakan or Lamptey? Medium-Long term. Also, is either possible to lose RB position with SM getting strict?
  13. Chances of Kelechi Iheanacho getting a summer rise? Maybe even a +2?
  14. I’m looking for a new right back. 80-83 rated, high ceiling and quickish riser if possible. I’m looking at Aaron Hickey or Nuno Tavares - who would you recommend? Anyone else I should be considering?
  15. Mingueza or Lacroix? Short term/long term if applicable
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