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  1. Thanks for these, though most are probably just out of my price range without trading others for now. The top division do seem to have picked up every 90+, but it’s always more satisfying when a well planned youth policy beats the people outbidding each other for Ronaldo :-).
  2. I'm in the non-competitive lower divisions of a gameworld with a reasonably competitive top division - they fight it out over anyone 90+ but seem to have forgotten all about young players. Which is fun for me. I've amassed quite the team of young talent, but I was wondering who (if anyone) might be high 80s or 90s in about 18 months (when I should be hitting that division). Also, is there anyone whose ceiling isn't that high, or a better option of similar current ranking? Vandevoordt Soppy Quaresma Gvardiol Nuno Mendes Musiala Raskin Vranckx Mo
  3. Baldursson + Musah for Veron Which side? (Edit: Deal Changed)
  4. Since he’s just scored against Lazio... What do you think Musiala’s ceiling is and how quickly will he get there? Extra bumps in the next couple of reviews too?
  5. Maybe he just doesn't get on with the manager. But seriously, I have now had two players develop concerns about game time *while they were injured*. First teamers, who get long term injuries, and in that period decide they should be playing before I'm allowed to select them. Like...what?!?
  6. Could Wesley Fofana keep rising in the summer review or has he hit his short-term level?
  7. I missed the first part of this so will assume its all about Raskin. Is he worth hanging on to now he's had a rise, or sell and buy back? Is he likely to rise again in the summer? Not a particularly competitive GW so unlikely I'll lose him completely
  8. How good do you all think Gabriel Veron will be? I have a settled 1st/2nd XI so am just filling out my youth, but someone beat me to him and now wants max price (£12m) - is it worth it or is that money better spent elsewhere?
  9. Depends what you need. Long term I'd take the Mendes side of that deal. Looks like a future superstar and could rise pretty fast as well. Chelsea change managers too often to rely on their more fringe players long term.
  10. Hey guys, would like some squad advice - anyone I should probably sell, anyone I should definitely keep, and anyone under 80 I'm missing who is a must buy? Not a CGW so I've done pretty well for a small 5th tier side, but don't want to hang on to anyone longer than I should. Vandevoort Pitaluga Antosch Couto Kouassi Bade Quaresma Diego Costa Alejandro Gomez Soppy Bastoni Mendes Bard Raskin Musah Matheus Nunes Praxedes Baldursson Azarkan Nuhu Ebrima Colley Musiala Jeppe Kjaer Moukoko Badji Noubissi Akinola Thanks in advance!
  11. Who would you take out of Leno and Szczesny?
  12. Thanks guys. Separately, I could do with another 90+ forward. Immobile is available and that £20m would go a long way to signing him - I assume he's good for keeping his rating? Maybe even a +1? Or does his age make him too risky?
  13. Luis Suarez + 20m or Aubameyang? Gameworld not especially competitive so money sometimes still useful.
  14. Who will get best rise in next review? Who has the highest ceiling? Marcus Thuram, Dani Olmo, Ferran Torres
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