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  1. Jakobmx it's almost right, but it's not JacobMOX... ahaha Winner: England 2nd place: Belgium Dark horse: Switzerland Top scorer: Lukaku Best player: Foden Best U-21 player: Nuno Mendes Not very well known player to surprise: Wind
  2. Hello guys. Saul safe at 93? Gary Cahill safe at 88?
  3. Italy hasn't given a single vote to Switzerland neither by televoting nor by the jury, the only one out of all 39 nations... but we gave them to all the nations you wrote except for moldova ahahaha I'm very happy for the victory, even if it wasn't my favourite song (it isn't bad, but is not original at all... maybe it is for us italians that we never had a relevant rock tradition). Now I'm rooting for Rome or Naples as host city 'cause i'll be definitely present at the final. I don't understand why you don't like Lithuania or Iceland. They're not great music, but they are pretty good for casual listening.
  4. Hello all and good sunday... is it better to play with an 88 rated at 78% condition or with a 87 rated at 92% condition against an 88 average rated team?
  5. Bulgaria, Iceland and Ukraine (it surpassed Lithuania, didn't like the performance too much or maybe it's because I'm already tired of the song, which is already months old). Excluding Bulgaria, not exactly a high quality music top 3, ahaha Yours?
  6. Ok, we've Bulgaria in common (and Switzerland, but not in my top 3), so we have to hope for a good position, 'cause I don't think she'll win sadly :(
  7. I don't know why everyone likes the song from Malta. If it was for me: Malta, Cyprus and Norway out and Ireland, Croatia and Australia in. If you talk about quality, I imagine you like France? I like it more than our song. Too bad you don't like metal, I have listened to a lot in the '2000s. Now i'm much more all rounded, but when i'm concentrated listening music, i like to listen to symphonic orchestras the most. Because is the spirit of the eurosong contest. It's not all about the song because is a spectacle more than a song contest. Sometimes there are songs that trascend the spectacle because they're so good (like Sobral), but the exceptions are only a few :/ Now I will also follow you for the songs you post in addition to the young players
  8. I know, but I saw the name Hooverphonic and I instinctively wanted to wish good luck, knowing you're from Belgium . The song of this year isn't so good (i liked "release me" a lot more), but certainly better than others. Congrats for the final. It's a nice coincidence that you have chosen to post a song from where I am from. Fan of ESC since 2007, but i don't like a lot of the songs sended (like in our Sanremo). I follow it more as a spectacle, even if I'm a huge music fan (i like other genres more). Did you know that "Mad About You" was a major hit here in Italy?
  9. What do you think of Tigges, guys? Is he worth keeping?
  10. ahahaha maybe Tyrick Mitchell, Theate and Lautaro Morales have chances thanks for the reply :)
  11. Hello Thorgan, in this two pages of talents who do you think will never reach the 88-87 mark?
  12. Hi guys, i've got a team with 200+ youngsters in a very competitive gw, and i've to trim. How do I decide who to discard?
  13. Hi guys, what do you think of Villalibre? I've been offered 5,5 millions. I don't need money but I need space in team and getting rid of players with low potential is a good thing. What's his potential ceiling? 87-88? Will he rise in the next review to 87?
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