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  1. hi folks Hradecky & Philipp Max for Hofmann? game world without 87s free, i've got two 88 in the GK and Full Back roles.
  2. Guys, i've got a list of some recent valutation changed players: Van Hoorenbeck, Zerrouki, Lucoqui, Houboulang Mendes, Lamine Gueye, Josema Sanchez, Kilman, Udol, Townsend, Camara, Faivre is there anyone worth keeping? I've got an average 88 starter team, very competitive game world (no free 88s, very few free 87s). Maybe Kilman, Camara and Faivre?
  3. Hi Rahul, thanks for the update, but it's a little too late i've worked out a new deal with Oosterwoolde and van Hooijdonk for him. Olympiacos move maybe isn't too bad. It has more 88 rated players than the old team and maybe, if he restarts to play really good (it's possibile in the greek league ๐Ÿ™‚ ) he'll be a little safer from dropping.
  4. Updated questions for you guys: Jonas Hoffman for Salif Sanรจ & Philipp Max Ben White & Axel Disasi for Joan Jordan Jayden Oosterwolde & Tyrick Mitchell for a stable 88 like Lala (or eventually Lemina, but it isn't stable) What do you think? I've a 90, two 89s and many 88s in the team (but an 87 left back in the first team), so positions doesn't matter too much (Hoffman, White, Disasi, Oosterwolde and Mitchell are all mine).
  5. Hi folks, what do you think of Philipp Max for Jonas Hoffman? I've Hoffman. Who would gain from this exchange?
  6. Is Alaba safe at 93 for this upcoming big 5 league review? I know he doesn't want to renew his contract, but it's a regular in the actual best european team...
  7. ahaahahaha ๐Ÿ˜„, i'm in a "world championship" game world where about 3-4 new added players are always contended and there aren't 87 rated players free to buy. I'm about to reach the 255 players limit and I have to sell the worst players on those list. Thanks for the reply, very appreciated :). I'll keep an eye on him now.
  8. no problem, in fact it's a bit difficult request xD
  9. Hi guys, who are the most promising talents from this bunch? Toby Savin, Thomas Hasal, Karol Niemczycki, George Wickens, Dan Langley, Coniah Boyce-Clarke Gabriel Lacerda, Aboubacar Keita, Niklas Lang, Sam Vines, Liam Gordon, Josh Reid, Luciano Batista Jonah Fabisch, Emanuele Zuelli, Jordan Thomas, Ali Kaan Guneren, Mo Sangare, Frankie Amaya, Jordan Cox, Tyrhys Dolan, Giacomo Manzari, Chris Mochrie Julen Lobete, Aiden Marsh, William De Camargo, Nik Prelec, Miguel Rodriguez, Francesco Intinacelli
  10. Two quick questions. Martial hasn't got any possibilities of raising 92? The limit of players in a team of a standard game world is 255? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi TMCosta, thanks for the data. Quick question, what "MP WS" and "20 League Pos" stands for?
  12. I'm new to all of this SMWiki edits and stuff. If I have understood correctly, Bruno Veglio will get a 70-75/8ish raise in a week time, am I right?
  13. Thanks to all for the replies, very appreciated.
  14. Hello to all, first time posting here. I've a pretty simple question. Are there any chanches that Soyuncu, Tielemans and Grimaldo will become 91 in 3 months time? Thanks in advance for the reply.
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