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  1. Coufal and Kjaer or Jordi Alba? thank you
  2. Which of these would be the best LB to sign? M.HERMOSO R.LODI S.REGUILÓN J.ANGELIÑO D.CALABRIA Á.GRIMALDO Thank you
  3. I have been looking at the recent player edits on soccerwiki, if a player does not feature there does that mean they have not had a rating change? For example amongst the Italian edits I couldn't see lukaku, kessie or toloi.
  4. How likely is a Mario Hermoso rise? if it's not very likely i will sign Saka (whom will not go into my first team) Thank you
  5. Rafael Leao Moussa Diaby: who is the better prospect, will they both rise? Thank you
  6. Which of these centre backs is more liekly to rise: Stefan SAVIĆ, Antonio RÜDIGER, Diego CARLOS or Matthias GINTER?
  7. Hi All, I'm back on SM after a 5year break really struggling to get to grips with wage deficits and <70 rated players not being 10k! I've been following this thread a couple of weeks now and seems to be the place to go. My question is: whos the better signing? Wesley FOFANA or Benoît BADIASHILE Thank you
  8. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread i've received a mesagesaying that i have set a new club record of winning twelve league games in a row, but i've only won six??? but anyway doing pretty well as wigan manager my record so far is P11, W8, D1, L2, GF28, GA20 and my average points is 3.27. yet to make any signings yet though
  9. Re: Messi v Ronaldo. messi has 63 goals, 23 assists (8 pens,4500 mins) goals ronaldo has 53, 13 assists (12pens, 4241 minutes)
  10. Re: what is the basis on how good teams perform do? cheers mate will give it a go
  11. Re: what is the basis on how good teams perform do? Im just moaning a to be honest but i would like to know what the system is and what things are taken into account when SM decides the result of a match, also if this does not tell then i would like to know why he keeps beating me as well. (he uses 4-4-2 and yes everythings is default like you said default: normal, mixed, own half etc...)
  12. hi I have a sevilla team and it is between me and manchester unied to win the league title as we have nearly a 15 point gap on 3rd. my problem is everytime i vs tehm i lose, they have a fairly good team witht their best players being: vidic, rooney, aguero, sneijder, de rossi and sergio ramos despite this this ratings wise my team is far greater with my best players being: messi, ronaldo, xavi, iniesta, puyol. villa, pique, fabregas and cassillas. another point i have about this is pre game tactics i play the tactics that suit my line up the best for example i have my attacking style on 'down both flanks' as my wingers are ronaldo and iniesta in a 4-4-2 setup, i also use ronaldo as my play makers in this system. i have mentality attacking as my attackingplayers are better then my attacking players and my other in game insturctions are: Tackling Style= normal, Passing Style= mixed, Tempo= normal, Pressing= own half and for ym play styles i have: Counter-Attack, Men Behind Ball, Use Playmaker. aswell as these i also use in game insructions this will consist of two 75mintues situations once being 'winning' the other being other being 'losing or drawing' (i may have a third set at anytime for a substitue depending on what their fitness percentage is). for the 'winning' situation i tell my team defend and sit on the lead, for my 'losing/ drawing' situatin i tell my team to attack and try and score. on top of all this i will make sure als my players are all fit to start and if they are not atleast 90% they will be substituted (as previously mentioned). Now for manchester united as far as i can tell he feild his best line up every game but also makes sure his team is he will also use substitues to help with this. as far as everything else goes his pre game tactics are all on the default setups as are his player assignments and does not use any play styles. as for in game tactics the only thing he uses is substitues. This season he has beat me twise at 5-1 and 2-0 and is now 4 points clear of me at the top. after all the time i put into my team on match day i think i should rewarded with more than a lose every time. can some one please explain to me why i keep losing and the basisi that games are decided on? thanks
  13. I was not sure where to put this but an improvement seemed most fitting for the subject. I'm not sure how long it has been like this for, but i have noticed that when looking back through the game worlds previous season's stats you can no longer go down in the seasons and the drop down bar is just blank. is this permanent or can it be fixed.
  14. Re: England's 2014 World Cup Squad GK-Joe Hart-27 LB-Leighton Baines-29 CB-Gary Cahill-28 CB-Phil Jones 22 RB-Glen Johnson-29 LM-Adam Johson-26 CM-Steven Gerrard-34 CM-Jack Wilshere-22 RM-Ashley Young-28 CF-Wayne Rooney-28 CF-Andrew Carroll-25 Sub-Scott Loach-26 Sub-John Terry-33 Sub-Micah Richards-26 Sub-Gareth Barry-33 Sub-James Milner-28 Sub-Darren Bent-30 Res-Scott Carson-28 Res-Ryan Shawcross-27 Res-Kyle Walker-24 Res-Chris Smalling-24 Res-Jack Rodwell-23 Res-Aaron Lennon-27 Res-Marc Albrighton-24 Res-Danny Welbeck-23
  15. Re: potential 92+ rated goal keepers... theres a few in the prem: david de gea, SZCZESNY but your best is hart mostly beacuse he is starting for england. that is the key for most keepers to get 92 and above must be starting for a succesful club and country (unless your spanish eg valdez and reina) so for that reason i also dont think alder will rise unless he starts for germany or neur (which i dont think will happen) also outside the prem your next best bet is igor AKINFEEV
  16. Re: Ronaldo deserves 99 too! I think a big point is being missed and not raised here la liga defending is rubbish players like messi and ronaldo can just walk through defences i think the reason for this is all the diving the barce players spend more time on the floor then their keeper i think it is a real shame beacuse of this it is hard for me to apreciate the amazing football they play. but carrying on from bad defences it only makes sence to go on CL form to view their ratings it doesnt take an amazing player to get 20-30 goals in spain not when you got the support these guys have. but dont get me wrong im not any old joe bloggs can go to la liga and destroy it just stating how i feel on the matter
  17. are SM just not going to do them? if so when?
  18. Re: The big players dropped but there is still a balance. i cant see how this is balanced all this has done is made la liga about 2X better then the epl and with i totally disagree. what on earth has john terry done to drop have an affair? i can only hope thatg when the spanish ratings come about that they are as harsh but as usual they will probally stupidly high ratings the onl reason real madrid and barce do so good is beacuse the bottom half of la liga is no where near as good as the epl
  19. Will he rise if so what to?
  20. Re: As Requested; August 2010 Brazilian Predictions. Cheers although I think I will sell him if he don't go up anyway because not got as many left in him as most of my squad and i gota cut down to that 100 players squad rule being due.
  21. Re: As Requested; August 2010 Brazilian Predictions. What do you think about Domingos Wllians at Flamengo? He is 24 and 87 rated i've kept holt of him for a while to see what he does but he hasnt risen in the last to rating changes and he isnt in the brazil team or hasn't had much interest from big clubs (that i can find), should i sell him?
  22. Re: As Requested; August 2010 Brazilian Predictions. CIRO- should i sell him? also do you know anthing about Oliveira Barbosa MATEUS?
  23. Re: Gk predict David Stockdale, Fulham, 24, 80-84/85 Jason Steele, Middlesbrough, 20, 75-82/83 Matthew GILKS, Blackpool, 28, 82-85 Jaime Ashdown, Portsmouth, 29, 79-82/83 Adam Bogdan, Bolton, 22, 70-78 Kasper Schmeichel, Leeds, 23, 80-83/84
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