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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a promising 2nd goalkeeper. My first keeper is E. Mendy and my current 2nd is O Baumann, but want to replace him. Want to spend maximum of 5 mil. Thanks
  2. Try to get ibanez asap, he will probably be reviewed this week.
  3. Hi, Looking for some backs to replace rudiger and azpilicueta at Chelsea, because I expect a drop for the both. You agree? My options are Calabria, Reguilon, Lodi, Gosens, Hateboer. Or play a CB like Dier or Hermoso. Who have the most potential to get a +1 in the coming weeks and who are the best option to get to 92 sometime? Who should I buy?
  4. Thanks Kev, and can they enter the game world instantly or do they have to wait a certain amount of days?
  5. Hi, I am restarting my soccermanager career after stopping in 2018. What if I buy a game world (8.99 euro). I can pick my own team of course, but can I invite friends and let them pick a team as well? Or do they need to buy access as well? Thanks!
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