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  1. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

    90 was too much for Herrera IMO' date=' from 87 to 90 in one season for a Portuguese team that won't win anything this season is stupid[/b'], those were very generous rises. Salvio should've had the 90 not him. But seeing how ratings were handled and knowing SM/SW it wouldn't surprise me if they think Porto is the one who's winning Primeira Liga just because of their performances in CL.

    Agree with these. 89 is fine for Herrera because of his minutes but he is nothing special to deserve +2 to 90. I still believe Salvio will rise to 90 in next few days, hopefully as he deserves it. Enzo and Gaitan both got 89-90 last season with less impressive statistics compare to Salvio this season.

  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Oh I agree' date=' Coutinho is better centrally. But if I had to choose our best midfield and attack right now without Suarez, I'd put Lallana in a central role. I can see us making a like-for-like sub with Coutinho replacing Lallana quite often this season.[/quote']

    No way. Lallana should be on left with coutinho in AM position. Coutinho is just too good to be dropped and Sturridge sure wont like it if it happens.

  3. Re: Respuesta: Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    He wont. Remember Sevilla won the UEL which certainly help its players in the upcomming rises while Real Sociedad didnt even qualified for European competition.

    Rakitic should rise despite the UEL (except Sevilla is capped at 91 which at least idk) but having won the trophy should give more security on his rise.

    I think UEL that Atletico Madrid won had a lot to do with Falcao rise from 92 to 94 even when he had a solid season with 28 goals' date=' a +2 rise at that point is something massive for a team that did not won the league, so im positive Rakitic will get his deserved +1[/quote']

    Can Diogo Figueiras get +3 to 88 ?

  4. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    ;2849653']Best player on this game and always will be is Ronaldinho' date=' [b']none of these come close[/b], remember they thought giving him 100.

    Ronaldo & Messi should both 99.

    Everyone says Soldado isn't as good as Adebayor for example.

    Neymar will take at least to 2015 to rise.

    Seriously?! He certainly more interesting to watch compare to Ronaldo imo but Messi and Ronaldo are better than him. And Messi is better than both of them.

  5. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    You know what.. I reckon your fortunes will change if you sell Neymar and Muller. Think about it, if your looking to sell, get in touch with Villa!

    No , thank you :D . Neymar alone will outscore Higuain and your other strikers combined next season in Division 1 :P

    colchester united has two young keepers and they would like to sell one of them.

    they are more willing to sell courtois GK 88 19. but will listen to any good offer for sczeseny(spelling??). Anyone who wants to deal do contact. only PE deals.

    Im interested in both of them :D

  6. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Won 2-0 to Wolves made it 3 straight wins for Watford . Neymar and Ranocchia score for us . Neymar now got 14 goals two goals behind current top scorer Kanoute . Sitting on the top of the table with 3 points advantage .

    Next game vs Fulham .

    *GK Andres Fernandez 85 will be on the transfer list after next change .

  7. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Beat unmanaged Dagenham 8-0 :eek: , never expected this scoreline but anyway a vital win for us to keep up our momentum to fight for the first place. Neymar score 5 and James Rodriguez score 3 :P . Now sitting on 3rd place.

    Looking to find new LB after Criscito suffered a long term injury :mad: . Watford are now after Emil Insua . If anyone want to sell LB 88/89 , u25 . im willing to part Criscito 90 . Contact me via VM or PM :D

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