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  1. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

    90 was too much for Herrera IMO' date=' from 87 to 90 in one season for a Portuguese team that won't win anything this season is stupid[/b'], those were very generous rises. Salvio should've had the 90 not him. But seeing how ratings were handled and knowing SM/SW it wouldn't surprise me if they think Porto is the one who's winning Primeira Liga just because of their performances in CL.

    Agree with these. 89 is fine for Herrera because of his minutes but he is nothing special to deserve +2 to 90. I still believe Salvio will rise to 90 in next few days, hopefully as he deserves it. Enzo and Gaitan both got 89-90 last season with less impressive statistics compare to Salvio this season.

  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Oh I agree' date=' Coutinho is better centrally. But if I had to choose our best midfield and attack right now without Suarez, I'd put Lallana in a central role. I can see us making a like-for-like sub with Coutinho replacing Lallana quite often this season.[/quote']

    No way. Lallana should be on left with coutinho in AM position. Coutinho is just too good to be dropped and Sturridge sure wont like it if it happens.

  3. Re: Respuesta: Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    He wont. Remember Sevilla won the UEL which certainly help its players in the upcomming rises while Real Sociedad didnt even qualified for European competition.

    Rakitic should rise despite the UEL (except Sevilla is capped at 91 which at least idk) but having won the trophy should give more security on his rise.

    I think UEL that Atletico Madrid won had a lot to do with Falcao rise from 92 to 94 even when he had a solid season with 28 goals' date=' a +2 rise at that point is something massive for a team that did not won the league, so im positive Rakitic will get his deserved +1[/quote']

    Can Diogo Figueiras get +3 to 88 ?

  4. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2

    Especially that one' date=' but he was clearly offside in the second one too. The referee admitted afterwards that having seen the video he and his assistants were devastated by the sight of their utterly horrendous performance, worst of their careers, and said that in hindsight he should have not accepted any of Monaco's three goals. Now, on the first one I'm not completely sure why, but seen that the referee himself says he made a mistake there, maybe that is an offside foul too. An indeed, in a way, you can say Berbatov (always him!) did affect the play by charging for the ball in that situation too.

    This really did bad to Lyon's chances for CL football next season. With the merited victory here they would have been well on course for the third spot, but now it seems quite distant.

    The mistakes here were pretty odd. Particularly Monaco's third goal, it was so clear an offside it could not have been clearer really. It really makes me think they just favored Monaco. It seems to be the trend: Monaco and PSG get favorable refereeing. "Coincidentally" they also have the most money.[/quote']

    Same here. Just too obvious, there must be a conspiracy there. Poor Lyon, if they cant make to UCL or even worse EL they will surely lose their star players like Lacazette and Grenier. They are my fav team in Ligue 1 :(

  5. Re: How fast can you type?

    WPM 119

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    correct words: 115

    Wrong words: 0

    You are better than 99.23% of all users (position 757 of 98895 - last 24 hours)

    Yeah we believe that :D


    Words per minute (WPM) 42

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    You are better than 64.49% of all users (position 33595 of 94599 - last 24 hours)

  6. Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


    Sturridge Steers Derby County To Premier League Promotion

    Derby County won 2nd successive promotion after several twists in dramatic last days in the Championship.

    March 6, 2014

    erby County are promoted to the Premier League after

    a dramatic win against Wigan Athletic combined with Milton

    Keynes Don's defeat to Preston North End saw them secure

    second place.

    Derby were in 7th place with 3 games to go needing all

    three points for the remaining matches and rival's team

    to drop some points. With "Tactical Genius" Kai in charge,

    nothing seems impossible and he managed to do so.

    It was the man in form
    Daniel Sturridge
    who won the game

    for Derby County. The only goal in game comes in 41 minutes

    plays a defence-splitting pass to Sturridge who

    fires a low shot past
    with ease.
    joins 2nd

    in goalscoring table with 20 goals, 8 goals behind

    the top scorer


    Kai warns Premier league team,
    This is just the beginning. I'm eager to show what this talented

    team can do against "Big Gun". I know my limit which is unlimited.

    I believe we will set the world alight (next season).

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    Derby County

    Milton Keynes Dons

    Wigan athletic

    Preston North End

  7. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread

    :mad::( my offer was worth 17mil. Chelsea's can't of been more than that..seemed more like 14/15mil.....what's up with that? If you add up all there values now' date=' which have increased since their move to PSG, the offer stands at 14.5mil....my offer was 8.7mil plus and 8.3mil player....adding up to 17mil.....whaaaa? How did I lose especially with SMs new p/e values...[/quote']

    It's not work that way. Only Chelsea's manager know how much Ben Davies and Chalobah worth in part exchange deal. My offer (herrera and dodo + 1mil) worth 18+ mil actually. :)

  8. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    ;2849653']Best player on this game and always will be is Ronaldinho' date=' [b']none of these come close[/b], remember they thought giving him 100.

    Ronaldo & Messi should both 99.

    Everyone says Soldado isn't as good as Adebayor for example.

    Neymar will take at least to 2015 to rise.

    Seriously?! He certainly more interesting to watch compare to Ronaldo imo but Messi and Ronaldo are better than him. And Messi is better than both of them.

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