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  1. Re: Ash and sam league activities

    Ash 'n' Sam's League Cup Results


    Super 'Mario' Sent Bayern to the Quarter Final

    Bayern Munchen 5 - 0 Blackburn Rovers

    M.BALOTELLI 33, 42, 53

    K.BOJAN 44

    A.DZAGOEV 84

    The Khai side showed an absolutely eye-catching performance

    where they demolished Blackburn Rovers with a 5 - 0 win

    last night. Mario Balotelli was the star of the show with his

    stunning hat-trick.

    Meanwhile, their arch-rival Manchester United

    were unable to put a 'good' performance nevermind an

    excellent against underdog team, Tottenham Hotspur.

    The Riezuan's tactic were spot on. They totally controlled

    the game and made the Red Devils who's managed by

    Ahmad Shahir look silly.

    'That was an easy win for us, Asenjo rarely touch the ball.

    I've to give credit to Mario. He is a world class player.

    And so as our team. It is so funny to see so called

    Manu beaten by Spurs who's for me a clown team.

    Yeah, clown team beat the 'Monkey United', hahahaaa..[lough]

    Lastly, i've never said they were untouchable. They

    are just 'clownable'. Lough my *** off!' said Khai after the game.

  2. Re: Ash and sam league activities


    Gourcuff magic helps Bayern past Rovers

    Bayern Munchen 2-1 Blackburn Rovers

    B.McCARTHY 30


    K.BOJAN 77

    The young offensive midfielder scored against

    Blackburn Rovers with a brilliant lob past hopeless

    Paul Robinson. Blackburn were first to score through

    South African striker, Benni McCarthy but the Khai's side

    made a dramatic comeback after Gourcuff and Bojan

    sealed the win.

    After scored a brilliant goal, the Frenchmen can't

    hide his happiness. 'It was a fantastic night for me

    with a fantastic goal, to score such a beautiful

    goal in my first match for Bayern was fantastic,

    its all fantastic for me.'


    Yoann in the press conference after the match

  3. Re: Ash and sam league activities


    Khai appointed Bayern's manager

    Fifteen years old,Khaizuran or better known as Khai has signed 9 years contract at Bayern. The youngest manager are keen to bring as many title as possible to the club. The young man already bought sixteen promising player to the club. Khai also break the club transfer record after captured 'The next Kaka', Yoann Gourcuff for 20m.

    'He's a brilliant player,no doubt. For 20m it's a bargain, he worth more than that actually.' said Khai.


    Yoann Gourcuff with his new shirt.

    The other player is:

    HAZARD, Eden AM/Wing

    SALVIO, Eduardo Wing/Fwd

    ASENJO, Sergio Gk

    LEO, Renan CB

    SAKHO, Mamadou CB/LB

    KJAER, Simon CB

    SANTON, Davide RB/LB

    INSUA, Emiliano LB

    FORLIN, Juan CB

    MARIN, Marko Wing/AM

    NINIS, Sotiris RM/AM



    NEYMAR, Silva Fwd/AM

    MACHEDA, Federico CF

    DAUD, Ayub Wing

  4. Re: Private setup. Matches/tranfers report


    Liverpool 2-0 Werder Bremen


    N'gog 59,60

    Liverpool back on track

    The Reds boss Rafael Benitez stuck the striking duo

    Fernando Torres and David N'gog up front, while the young sensation

    Yoann Gourcuff replaced the captain fantastic, Steven Gerrard

    who is not fit to boss the midfield.

    The master tactician, Rafael Benitez made a number changes,

    leaving out his deadly wingers, Dirk Kuyt and Andrei Arshavin

    in this must win match.

    The Rafael Benitez's man were first to get the chance when

    Albert Riera placed a right foot shot from twenty yards out

    went wide. The home side should have equalised a minute before

    half time whistle when Danish defender, Daniel Agger made a thunder

    shot which was crossed the bar.

    The goal come in the 59 minutes when young striker David N'gog strikes a curling shot into the top corner.

    The Frenchman then adds another goal with a beautiful half-volley into

    the roof of the net after a poor clearance by Naldo.

    'We did a good job. We clearly controlled the game. There are plenty

    chances which we could finish it with ease. But it still a good perfomance

    especially to the striking duo. It's been confirm that Xabi has injured

    and we will play without him for 4 weeks after been tackled by poor Naldo.


    David N'gog celebrates his opener against Werder.

  5. Re: World Championship 5843



    Angelina Jolie appointed as new Steaua Bucureşti's manager

    Angelina has shocked the universe by follows the footstep of his

    husband,Brad to become the new manager of Steaua and leaves

    her career as an actress.

    'My aims is to get into top three' said Angelina.

    When ask about her favourites club,she replied

    'I'm a deadly fan of Liverpool FC,I supported them since young.

    To be honest, I've never heard of the club that i've managed.

    Steaua? what a weird name.But nevermind, i got the money and what i need to do is to do my best.

    This made her the only woman to managed football club in the top flight football.

    When asked about some fans are doubt of her capabilities,she remains calm.

    'Yes, of course many people would think i can't manage this club because of my backgrounds

    and inexperience but i'll prove them wrong.

    My husband can make it so why i can't?

    'Now i try to find some good player and most important they must be the handsome one like rooney (LMAO).

    Ha Ha [laugh],he's the first player that i don't want to see in my lovely team.'

    Ahead of match against AS Saint-Etienne she said

    'I'll put the strongest and most handsome squad against them.

    They will scare of us,there's no doubt.'

  6. Re: Private setup. Matches/tranfers report

    Liverpool FC Reserve Team



    GULACSI, Peter-75

    KIREV, Mario-74

    INSUA, Emiliano-83

    SCHENNIKOV, Georgi-74

    OTAMENDI, Nicolas-75

    MATIAS MARTINEZ, Alfredo-72

    DE LAET, Ritchie-73

    SANTON, Davide-86

    TOMKINS, James-82

    WEISS, Vladimir-75

    MANCUELLO, Federico-75

    PLESSIS, Damien-78

    ASAMOAH, Kwadwo-85

    MICHEL, Ángel-80

    DOUGLAS COSTA, de Souza-78

    EL SHAARAWY, Stephan-74

    DAUD, Ayub-74

    FREDY, Gomes Ribeiro-74

    WILSHERE, Jack-80

    SARIC, Nikola-75

    NÉMETH, Krisztián-81

    NEYMAR, Silva-78

    N'GOG, David-84

  7. Re: Private setup. Matches/tranfers report

    Private Setup U-21 Championships - Team Profiles And Match Schedule

    Welcome to SM Forum's coverage of the Private Setup Under 21 Championship!

    29 May 2009 11:54 GMT

    The Top 4 stars are set to impress at the Private Setup Under-21 Championships this weekend. Right here on SM Forum, we'll bring you all the action...

    About The Tournament

    This current edition is the 1st , and the final match take place in the,Stadium Bukit Jalil of Malaysia.

    The Private Setup U-21 Championship, also known as the Reserve Team Cup, is the world championship of football for under the age of 21 and is organized by Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

    Who could be the big emerging star this time? We'll find out.

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