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  1. Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread


    Official: Derby complete Argentine wizard signing

    Division 2 outfit Derby County have completed the transfer of promising Argentinian, Eduardo Salvio from West Ham United.

    Nov 12, 2013

    The Tactical Genius, Kai has completed the signing of Salvio for

    1 million which saw Victor Giuliano and Finnish sensational

    Pohjanpalo moved to Upton Park.

    Although the Division 3 champion are sitting in the six place,

    they have been struggling in front of goal this season with only

    4 goals scored only Yeovil got less with 1 goal scored in 5 games

    this season and Kai was desperate to add some more creativity

    to his squad.


    Salvio became Kai's second big signing this season after

    completed the signing of Kolarov from Northampton.

    He is expected to make his first appearance against

    Huddersfield this Wednesday.

    Kai hailed Salvio, who turned 23 last July, as a

    player of rich potential and will take no time adapt to

    his team's Tiki Taka style.

    Eduardo is an amazing talent. We have followed him

    since his day in argentina. I believe he will become

    one of the best winger in europe.

    Now our left side problem solved. I hope we will show

    our real strength start next match.

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    West Ham United


  2. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    You know what.. I reckon your fortunes will change if you sell Neymar and Muller. Think about it, if your looking to sell, get in touch with Villa!

    No , thank you :D . Neymar alone will outscore Higuain and your other strikers combined next season in Division 1 :P

    colchester united has two young keepers and they would like to sell one of them.

    they are more willing to sell courtois GK 88 19. but will listen to any good offer for sczeseny(spelling??). Anyone who wants to deal do contact. only PE deals.

    Im interested in both of them :D

  3. Re: European Championship 2930 (OPENED!)

    Pretty much

    Now I have ronaldo out for 7 weeks to boot :o:mad:

    Ronaldo and ozil both out for the rest of the season ' date=' Having some serious problems :([/quote']

    Urgh :mad: you can consider yourself lucky because the scoreline should be much bigger . 5 shots on target to zero . Nothing to be proud of to beat bottom of the table team . But a win is a vital . Sad to see one of the best player badly injured but you can use this injury as an excuse to Madrid's fan after you get relegated at the end of season :P

    Next victim Chelsea , should be an easy win for us . Meet Roma in Cup , might give some of my talented youngster a start .

  4. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Beat unmanaged Dagenham 8-0 :eek: , never expected this scoreline but anyway a vital win for us to keep up our momentum to fight for the first place. Neymar score 5 and James Rodriguez score 3 :P . Now sitting on 3rd place.

    Looking to find new LB after Criscito suffered a long term injury :mad: . Watford are now after Emil Insua . If anyone want to sell LB 88/89 , u25 . im willing to part Criscito 90 . Contact me via VM or PM :D

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