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  1. Re: Predictions on these players

    BALOTELLI, Mario = 90-91

    JONES, Phil = 89-90

    BOJAN, Krkic = stay

    RAMSEY, Aaron = 88-89

    WELBECK, Danny = 88-89

    THIAGO, Alcántara = 88-89

    HENDERSON, Jordan = stay

    SANTON, Davide = stay

    PAPADOPOULOS, Kyriakos = 87-88

    FIRMINO, Roberto = 86-87

    ISCO, Alarcón = 85-87

    OBI, Joel = 82-84

    RÉMY, Loïc = stay

    HOWEDES, Benedikt = stay

    MILNER, James = stay

    PEPE, Simone = stay

    These are my prediction :D

  2. Re: European Championship 2930 (OPENED!)

    Inter is so bad xD i was 1 man down for nearly 30 minutes and they got the winning goal in the 88th minute on a PENALTY KICK lmao

    What :mad: no , Rolando nearly broke leg of my fantastic captain , Sneijder . He deserved to be sent off .:P We should have been 3 or 4 nils up if not because of Porto's dirty play . :mad: My players were told to play it safe to prevent any serious injury . Next match against underdog team :P Real Madrid . They still not managed to get any point yet and they will not going to get it in this coming fixture , thats for sure . B)

  3. Re: Principle of progression.. 1 week till open!..


    i cant tell u who is in division 1 because until turn 1 i dont know..

    i in no way intend 2 hand managers favours in order of sides.. ur want smfa comp im not silly.. problem is u dont need the money as u have a bank full so there is no advantage in even having it first season?..

    its turn 14.. managers need 2 b in before turn 1 which is when i would know new divisions 4 new seasons..

    work it out yourself mate.. i cant tell u something i dont know myself yet..

    i trust u 2 purchase at c.v.. its not rocket science..

    if u want out let me know buddy?.. if you want 2 remain in no problem..

    Mate , it would be better if you reply to me that you dont know which teams are in Div 1 . Im just asking , as i saw on the first page and the one in VM are different to the GW . No , i dont want SMFA as u already mentioned money is not important . It would be nice if you win Div 1 and ur team are written in the Setup's history :D . Its okay , i think you should give to other respected forumer . Im out :)

    Racky , i dont know how true is this but someone told me player will choose the first bidder . Just want to let you . Maybe you can test it before this setup start . Good Luck everyone :D

  4. Re: Principle of progression.. 1 week till open!..

    actually mate ur right..

    el ninos 16 teams were..

    EL NINO =

    Dude..Send me Real Madrid

    kaitos were..


    I want DIV 1 team . I saw on the thread you said this are the Div 1 team


    atletico madrid






    borussia dortmund

    But i search the GW ' date=' and i saw Barca inter milan arsenal MU Real .. are in the first Div . Which one is the right one ?

    in all honesty i asked for 16 teams.. about 4 of you couldnt even follow that ruleing so you will be put to the bottom and i will work every1 elses sides out first who managed 2 comply with rules..

    answer me this matey..

    if u cant even follow a simple give me 16 teams list how on earth can i trust u lot who didnt bother following that rule 2 even bid for players a C.V price?..[/quote']

    Oh dear :( , i asked you that question and im waiting for you to reply so i can list 16 clubs that i want because as i said i want Div 1 team . But its okay , seeing as you may not trust me anymore , just let other forumer takes my place . Im fine :)

    Cheers :D

  5. Re: Principle of progression.. 1 week till open!..

    i asked for 16 teams mate..

    this was el ninos list..

    more than happy 4 ghora 2 take madrid matey.. above 4 me is hardly a simple 16 teams list..

    league structure wont be shown until turn 1 so god knos wot all the above was about haha..

    Hey Racky , sorry i think this was mine :confused: . I pm'ed you this as i prefered div 1 team , any div 1 team . If i cant get them then just give me any team . :D

    Sorry again :o

  6. Re: WEBS League - Opened 9th Feb

    My Coventry lost 6-1 to palace :eek::(

    Most of my first team were not fit enough to play and i have to play 70rated player :o . My actual plan for this team already ruined by SM :mad: . I planned to buy first teamer gradually using tickets money but now i have to play my unwanted 10k players :D Its okay , still in Vimto cup . :D Next match vs West ham . Hopefully this time ill get the result . ;)

  7. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

    Hello lads' date=' haven't posted here for some time now :)

    Hope everyone have enjoyed last season.

    First of all congrats to Jooles for winning the league and to everyone else on winning their promotion/trophies.

    MK Dons season was short of a disaster, finishing 16th just two points above relegation. First half of the season went well stayed in the top half and on few occasions getting into or very close of top 4.

    Second half of the season is just one to forget, last 13 games without a win and picking up only 6 points :eek:

    I'm getting now few PM's regarding some deals so just to let everyone know I'm always open to any offers, even the bad ones :D but can't be bothered too much about making deals and don't get easily convinced to do any, simply I like my team :o

    below MK Dons loan list 3&4 division preferred

    Junior Paulinho - Northampton

    Philipp Wollscheid - Wycombe

    Bibras Natkho CM/RM 88

    Philippe Coutinho AM/Wing 86

    Georginio Wijnaldum AM/Wing 88

    Veli Kavlak Wing/AM 86

    Diego Costa Fwd/AM 87

    Pierre-Michel Lasogga CF 85

    and few others lower rated[/quote']

    Id like to loan Wijnaldum :D

  8. Re: Principle of progression.. 1 week till open!..

    I recon that would be better' date=' but then maybe once we hit like 85 or something, then we go up in 2's...?

    Like 70-75-80-85-87-89-91-93 etc etc

    Because when you think about it, there aren't too many players rated like 73, 72, 76 etc. They are mainly 70, 75, 77, 78, 80 etc.[/quote']

    Yup , agree with that . Let see what other think .

  9. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

    The offer for Nemanja MATIC of Benfica from Sheffield Wednesday has been accepted. The transfer will be completed within the next 24 hours.

    Glad with this transfer , pulled out the offer for Ignjovski and went for Matic instead . Good luck for whoever bid for Ignjovski :D

    The offer for Juan ARANGO of Borussia Mönchengladbach from Sheffield Wednesday has been accepted. The transfer will be completed within the next 24 hours.

    Straight swap with Hleb . Good improvement for my starting XI . Juan Arango is currently doing very well for BMGladbach .

    The offer for Mathias ZANKA JORGENSEN of Athletic Club from Sheffield Wednesday has been accepted along with other club offers. Athletic Club will now decide which offer to proceed with. The transfer will be completed within the next 24 hours.

    Seriously , I dont think im going to get him :D

  10. Re: The REAL World Championship


    Division 1

    Manchester United- Ben C

    Manchester City- KKor4b

    Valencia- Geoff Valcic

    Milan- Pedworgan

    Juventus- Orleandy

    Porto- Rodrigo0

    Tottenham - El Nino

    PSG- Mr. Hammer

    Bayern- Hyina

    Dortmund- Prokeeno

    Division 2

    Arsenal - Maoam

    Chelsea - noob




    Napoli- .....NAPOLIFAN


    Atletico Madrid



    Latest updated

    Division 1 complete!' date=' 7 more teams in division 2.[/b']

    10 teams per div :D my cup of tea . Give me Liverpool :D

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