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  1. Re: Luis Suarez is gay

    Just wanted to get a few things off my chest.

    A number of things with this post just don't seem right.

    You seem to be generalising all Christians (I assume Christianity' date=' as you mention the Bible and Churches) by the behaviour of a certain few. I doubt you will find any two Christians that share the same views on every subject, hence there are many denominations each with different doctrines and interpretations of the Bible.

    You suggest that fundamentalist Christians "wouldn't survive nowadays," how is that so? I'd also suggest you gather some reliable information, as the majority of people on the earth ARE in fact religious. Religion is far from the minority.

    Homosexuality and adultery are considered immoral, by most religions and by a large number of atheists. I've not seen anyone attempt to rank them, however if they did I don't see how they require their "head checking," but you must have reached a point where you feel threatened by anyone with a different view, and you would tell them that there is something wrong with them (hence they must check their head).

    I'd say we are living in the present, as opposed to "the future now," but I'm not sure what grasp you have on reality.


    Despite the intentions of Cheeky and others, this thread has declined from hypothetical debate about football into a debate between morals, ethics and religion. I apologize for dragging it on further, but there seems to be a lot of people attacking some people for religious beliefs, which doesn't seem fair.

    I've said a few times that I'd happily support homosexual players on a football field, but outside of the sport I wouldn't support them in their behaviour. If they asked me for my opinion, I would tell them how I feel about homosexuality, and why, but I wouldn't attack them for it.

    On this thread it seems to be acceptable for some to tell others they are out of order for their disapproval of homosexuality, and then attack someone about their religious beliefs. As for some calling me "out of order," I don't go out of my way to attack others for their beliefs (unlike some). I'd explain to them why I feel like I do, and I would pray for them.

    I don't see how I (or others) am out of order for stating my view on homosexuality (that it is an abomination) when I am not telling others how they should think, and yet[i'] I[/i] am being told that I am "embarrassing," and that my opinion is "full of hate,". Really?

    Totally agree with you . Everything .

  2. Re: A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012)

    Haha... yea maybe. So far the biggest goal margin is 1' date=' which means 2-1 or 3-2 etc. But only 2 turns past, a lot can change in just a few games.

    D2 looks more even in terms of points though.[/quote']

    Yeah but unlucky for me , im the one that lost those games :(

    First match lost 4-3 , now 1-0 :eek:

    I think next match i will win by 4 goals . WATCH OUT BOCA !!! :D

  3. Re: Luis Suarez is gay


    Ok so by the same logic you choose to be straight then you consciously say to yourself no I'm deciding not to be attracted to men and am deciding I like women?

    That means you were not born genetically attracted to women and you have chosen to like them so you could also have ended up choosing to be gay?

    If a footballer was gay he's born that way so accept him for the way he is. Much you like you or I am born heterosexual.

    LOL , thats not what i mean . i mean man are created for woman . Thats what Bible said and any other religions .

  4. Re: PSV tactics?

    I have just taken over PSV eindhoven but i can't findthe best way of playing then due to the fact that in real life they play a 4-2-3-1 formation of:


    Manolev(RB/RM) Marcelo(CB) Bouma(CB/LB) Pieters(LB)

    Wijnaldum(AM/Wing) Strootman(CM/LM)

    Lens(Wing/Fwd) Toivenen(AM/Fwd) Mertens(Wing/AM)


    The only problem is in soccer manager Wijnaldum cannot fit into a 4-2-3-1 formation.

    What formation would you guys advise?

    You should use 451 . Just as good as 4231 and Wijnaldum to play in CM position . :D

  5. Re: | EC 12691 |Disscussion,Match Report Thread !!!

    Official: Kai Appointed Manager of Bolton

    Kai also known as 'The Kaito' has been confirmed as

    the new manager of Bolton. The tactician genius took over at the

    Bolton after the shock resignation of former

    boss on Tuesday.


    | Bolton here i come ! |

    The Malaysian tactician, who officially announced as a new coach

    at Reebok Stadium in March 2012, added

    Kai has defined Bolton's ambitions for the season by revealing

    he would end up dissatisfied if the club did not regain the

    top four finish.

    The tactician genius acts quickly in the transfer

    Market with German young maestro Patrick Herrmann

    and Xherdan Shaqiri have agreed the personal terms

    to join the club. Khai is looking forward to bring more

    new faces to his side.

    Related Link




    Xherdan Shaqiri

    Patrick Herrmann

  6. Re: WEBS League - Opened 9th Feb

    How about:-

    1.) Maximum spend on one player of 5 million.

    2.) Third of the investment to be invested in the lower leagues in ten weeks' date=' by paying maximum amount for players.

    3.) 35 man squad limit.

    Or something like this maybe?[/quote']

    Agree with 1st one but maybe 3mil and less . But 2nd one , the 1st div team have to buy their players ? How about 30+ year old player ? I dont think any of 1st div team want them . And 35 man squad limit including those players from low div ?

    Whats wrong with SM , i never seen this kind of investment before . :confused:

  7. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Rival Match !!!!!

    2 tactician from Malaysia' date='El Nino and Kaito will facing each other tonight.

    [b']Neymar and Muller [/b]will never past my keeper tonight.

    WHO IS THE BEST MALAYSIAN MANAGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will play attacking and I told my players to have a shot at least 50 times.

    Haha LOL , ofcourse they wont as im not going to play them . Alvaro Morata is just enough to score hattrick past your old goalkeeper . I told my players to play like a training session .

    Expect us to score four goals and give them a consolation goal at the end of the match :D

    Edited- My avatar looks hotter than yours :P

  8. Re: English Championship 11111 - Discussion Thread

    Forgot to change my tactic after Cup match but still manage to win over Blackburn with 2-1 scoreline . Luc Casnos score both goals for us . Bolton moved up to 1st place ;) with 18 points .

    Next match vs 2nd place Arsenal :D A big match for both teams . They have a hell of great squad but my Bolton are ready to upset them .


  9. Re: Record Goal Scorers And Statistics

    Sm used to have stats in the Squad display' date=' s[b']o you could compare your own team with goals, appearences and even wages and contracts[/b]. They should bring that back, the data is stored, it's just not easy to display as a team. I used it a lot to see my top scorers, but also to see contracts that were expiring to offer new ones. This tab was lost when SM changed to the new set up.

    I think there is 'views' link on top right of your squad page where you can see all the statistic , financial of your team . Is it what you mean ? :confused:

  10. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Watford thrash another top team , Tottenham Hotspur away from home with 4-2 win over them to reach 3rd Round in English Shield . An average rating of 85 Watford with full of reserve player totally deserve the win . H.Herrera , A.Poli , Vela and B.Ibrahima score each while VD Wiel and Modric score for them .

    Last round Watford beat ManU 3-0 at Old Trafford . Next , 3rd Round will see Watford travel to Southend United .

    BTW , just done my new Watford signature replace the old one . :D

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