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  1. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything How about Okay Yokuslu ? is he very talented ?
  2. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Watford going through the next round after beating Middlesbrough 2-0 Muller opened the scoring before Malaysian striker Fakri Saarani made it 2-0 next against chelsea
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Couldnt agree more , at least im not alone who think like this as i saw a lot of Liverpool fan rate him highly .
  4. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Neymar netting twice in 2-0 win against QPR Watford are now in 6th place with 5 points behind league leader . Next cup game vs Middlesbrough .
  5. Re: English Championship 11111 - Discussion Thread Bolton beat Fulham 2-1 , now sitting 2th on the table behind Arsenal with the same point . Next match vs Liverpool
  6. Re: World Championship 14702- GOING STRONG Arsenal are back to the winning way with some style after beating Napoli 4-1 . Sanchez (2) , Gourcuff and The Ox all on the scoresheet . Next match will face Dortmund . Good news for us as Gotze ang Kagawa were suspended
  7. Re: .El Nino & .TheKaito Graphic Thread Here is Messi Gaga !!!!
  8. Re: .El Nino & .TheKaito Graphic Thread This is another one , Carroll in Jolie's ! Feel free to request any .
  9. Re: World Championship 14702- MADE ROUGHLY 4 FEB
  10. Re: .El Nino & .TheKaito Graphic Thread Here are some of mine . Any requests are much welcomed .
  11. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Beat mighty Man Utd in Round 1 by 3-0 . Ljajic with two goal and Vela scored his first goal for Watford Im so glad until i saw who ill face on the next round , tottenham
  12. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (I) How about Unnerstall , 80-85/86 ? Thanks
  13. Re: Come share your ideas for Custom Leagues~~~ ahhaaha yeah . Then we can buy a lot of unknown player . Recently , Liverpool are after Keita according to them . Seriously , where is that come from ? That is actually quite a funny and interesting idea .
  14. Re: Come share your ideas for Custom Leagues~~~ HAHHAHAAH Why Goal.com ? there are not so many rumours in that website . At least , not as many as in Tribalfootball
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Hello guys , what is your opinion on Henderson ? Honestly , i think he is useless . Seriously , i dont know why a lot of LFC fan said that this guy is a great player , and praise him after match when he was actually contribute very little . He always tried to play safe which is for me is one of the reason we didnt create enough chance . This is just my honest view , am i the only one LFC fan think like this ?
  16. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Took over Wigan Great to be back to this setup again . Thanks to Dave My aim is to get promotion
  17. Re: WEBS League - Opened 9th Feb Players joining Coventry : -MCEACHRAN, Josh -MIQUEL, Ignasi -RAFINHA, Alcántara -PACHECO, Dani -UNNERSTALL, Lars -MARKOVIC, Lazar -ROLIN, Alexis These would be my main player . First game vs Southampton and will play Swindon in WEBS Cup .
  18. Re: A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012) Hey , is there got any team left ? I really want to join this setup
  19. Re: English Championship 11111 - Discussion Thread Bolton 1-0 Tottenham Bolton moved up to first place after beating Spurs . Lewandowski got the only goal in the match . Still early though , anything can happen . Next match vs Swansea away .
  20. Re: World Championship 14702- MADE ROUGHLY 4 FEB Tonight first match against Juventus . Should be an easy task , Alex Chamberlain will single handed beat Juve . The Oxy is expected to start in left wing position with Walcott on the other side . My prediction Arsenal 3-1 Juventus . AOX and Sanchez on the scoresheet .
  21. Re: Dance Music! Missing you is my favourite too
  22. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Great , took them . Trying to get promotion
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