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  1. Re: Jordan Henderson

    Really terrible signing for Liverpool' date=' games seem to pass him by, I'm sure Liverpool have a player around the same age in their youth team that would do the same job as Henderson and could have saved themselves loads of money... He'll be doing well to hit 90, he really needs to start impacting games more and has a long way to go before he's the next Stevie G[/quote']

    Agree , ive seen him in every game this season , he is nothing special honestly .

  2. Re: penalty shootout

    Hi there i know it seems a bit odd but strange things happen in football....its a funny old game' date=' as one legend once said :) Think back only last year Stevenage beat Newcastle. Now if you had taken the averages of those two teams it would have been greater than 10 or the same at least. So where do you get the fun out of turning the computer on knowing your team should win every game. One more thing, many years ago at our carnival day we had a well known goalkeeper who was in goal and the locals taking penalties......I won that competition by scoring 27 consecutive penalties......me a little Sunday league footie player against a keeper in the very top league of England (would be now called the premiership) and i missed the 28th pen, he did not save it LOL :) So what you are saying is that it should never have happened, yes UNLIKELY but it did.

    You should factor in everything, not the best rated player in every position automatically = the best team........language difficulties, big egos and being able to gel as a team are but just a few factors to work in.

    Any way just my point of view :)[/quote']

    Agree so much :)

  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I can remember how poor shelvey was when i first saw him play for Liverpool' date=' i was very quick to write him of even though he had just arrived from the third tier of English football, Henderson though i'm sure even had an England cap to his name before he signed?? [b']I honestly don't see what he has to his game other than 'working hard' - aka running like a headless chicken, can't see him being neither the destroyer type eg Parker, nor the creative type eg Wilshere, don't know what the club saw in him tbh[/b], whatever it is he's yet to show it, still very young though obviously and i'm hoping it's just taking him time to settle in.

    Couldnt agree more , at least im not alone who think like this as i saw a lot of Liverpool fan rate him highly :confused: .

  4. Re: World Championship 14702- MADE ROUGHLY 4 FEB

    Ive quit Bayern Munich guys !

    I cant see this staying active for some reason' date=' I think the fact that the thread starter hasn't either changed the title of the Thread or put up a managers list isnt helping either.

    I no the number dosent make a difference but in the future it might when you think of the fact all the successful game worlds have good numbers.

    I dont have the feel for the bayern team that i do for others, not much for it here and glad to have the spare slot for a better set up in the future !

    At least now Kopstar can get a team.....[/quote']

    Its okay , there are lot more good forumers want to join this setup . Good luck to you , hope you come back in the future .:)

  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Hello guys , what is your opinion on Henderson ?

    Honestly , i think he is useless . Seriously , i dont know why a lot of LFC fan said that this guy is a great player , and praise him after match when he was actually contribute very little . He always tried to play safe which is for me is one of the reason we didnt create enough chance .

    This is just my honest view , am i the only one LFC fan think like this ? :confused:

  6. Re: Dance Music!

    What do you mean by that remark? I think it's got to do with the music that I post right? It is popular in the UK and infact all around the world. It's just the big names that dominate them' date=' the likes of David 'I'm not a REAL DJ' Guetta. Just because he's worked with big artists, it doesn't mean that he's the best DJ in the world. They haven't heard 'Proper' dance music...

    It was just an example from many pieces of cr*p you've posted.

    That's My Name is another favourite of mine. :)

    Yeah agreed. The Romanians produce great music.

    Anyway, another Romanian musician that I like:




    Missing you is my favourite too :P

  7. Re: Dance Music!

    You sir are a legend. Akcent are awesome and My Passion is one of my favourite songs. It's better than the cr*p the likes of StephenMUFC' date=' BenNewmann, Dale147 post.[/quote']

    Yeah , My passion is my favourite song . Never tired listening to it , its the best Akcent's song along with Thats My Name . I love this kind of song .

    Here is another one from Deepside Deejay , Never Be Alone , Romanian have great music though and im from Malaysia :D


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