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  1. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    taken over Plymouth Argyle' date=' i tend to be very active, any inquiries please ask me. and is the Match report/transfers forum still active?

    btw, i'm not a beginner at soccermanager, neither am i to the forum, used to manage sheffield wednesday in 106 :D so um please don't get annoyed at me.[/quote']

    Welcome to the setup . Im Watford :D

  2. Re: World Championship 14702- MADE ROUGHLY 4 FEB

    Iniesta Leaved Barca For Robben And Kroos..

    Happy To Get Kroos In This Deal:)

    Sad To Let Iniesta Leaves :)

    Great friendly match for Arsenal . AO Chamberlain , Wilshere , and Cuenca :P

    all on the scoresheet . Cuenca eagers to prove Barca's manager wrong for not playing him regularly in his Barca's day . Cuenca expected to partner with Alexis

    this season .

  3. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Yeovil Town - Leyton Orient 2-1(V.WEISS' date='Ó.CARDOZO)[/color']

    5 matches-5 wins next is Carlisle

    Watford Loan Watch

    Great to see Weiss scored for you . Forget about Torbinsky , this guy will replace him soon . ;)

    On the other hand , Shaqiri did not get any minutes for Exeter . Hope

    he wont regret joining them :D

    Next up English Cup vs Leicester . Malaysian striker , ri Saarani will get his first taste of English football . Expected him to start as a lone striker .

  4. Re: New Custom. WEBS League

    28 ? haha , i do not mind actually . I think i will get div 3 team then .

    Sad to see one of the forumer get kicked out from this setup .

    I dont have any problems with him but admittedly sometimes he acts like

    childish ;D

    ► Real Khai ◄ This is my account in SM .

  5. Re: W.C 14702 the new beginning


    Silva NEYMAR has put pen to paper and signed a new 5 season contract. Any concerns the player had regarding his wages have now been removed.

    Paulo Henrique GANSO has put pen to paper and signed a new 5 season contract. Any concerns the player had regarding his wages have now been removed.

    Without doubt the two most important signings this season is securing the services of both on 5 YEAR contracts.

    That is all for now.

    What a signing ! Surely the signing of the season . :D

  6. Re: English Championship 11111 - Discussion Thread

    Hello everyone , Bolton manager here :D

    Three straight 3-0 lost in my pre season friendly , Leicester Norwich Arsenal :eek:

    I have planned that actually , these were just a gimmick for our fan .

    We will show them our real strength when we thrash Norwich in 1st league game this Saturday .

    Norwich's manager better play with 5 defender and very defensive tactic . ;)

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