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  1. Re: New English Championship | A New Year/Christmas Present ♥

    I have no idea when SM opens this for reservation' date=' should have been an hour ago...I sent in a bug ticket just in case.

    If this is created today, I think it opens for reservation on the 30th of December. We cannot influence the day it opens for public though[/quote']

    thanks for make me clear .

    * This Game World may open sooner than stated depending on demand.

    is it possible ?:confused:

  2. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (I)

    I have two backup Goalkeepers in Fromlowitz 86 and Baumann 82 .

    I want to get rid one of them . Both of them are 1st choice keeper for their

    respective club .

    Who do you think will rise further ? Who should i keep ?

    sorry if this has been asked . Any helps is much appreciated .

  3. Re: BUCHTMANN, Christopher

    He used to play for liverpool's reserve before moved to bundesliga if im not mistaken .

    ive seen him a few times in Lfc's reserve and Euro u-18 Champ (not sure) when he played with Gotze , Thy and Mustafi . He's quite good . Has good composure and quick with the ball . He can also play as a leftback .

    That's all i know . ;D

  4. Re: World Championship 8863 Discussions Thread

    That may be a good shout. I'll keep an eye open. Certainly looks like he's got some good players on the cheap. He's friends with the Anderlecht boss which could explain Lukaku.

    How do u know . Maybe they are the same person . PSG , Anderlecht ,

    FEnerbahce n besiktas . hmm ...

    Batuhan , Lukaku , Sakho , witsel n bisi . All for cheap n exchange with oldies . :mad:

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