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  1. Don’t think people are misunderstanding the concept, I think people are raising concerns as to how it will operate in-game. The concept is intriguing, I just worry the +/-5 is too heavy a weighting
  2. I’m excited by attributes and roles for sure. I feel this sort of addition adds a bit of complexity to the game so I’m all for it. - are you able to tell us more around the idea of attributes and hidden attributes? Perhaps each player could have a hidden attributes that are both positive and negative? - Regarding roles, are we taking corner taker/free-kicks/penalties/captain etc or are we talking positional roles, ie best suited as a defensive full back over wing back so if you have arrows going forward they may play worse as it’s a role they’re not accustomed to playing? Or perhaps b
  3. Appreciate the response mate, it was the colon that suggested it was relative to custom GWs.
  4. @chris16 @Steven Is it possible to explain the rationale behind removing smaller GameWorlds from custom GameWorld options? It’s been included in the update but this is the removal of an option - an option that many of us enjoy over playing 100 team 5 division setups. Perhaps some more details here?
  5. - more information needed around this. Think I speak for a lot of people when I say the beauty of SM Worlds is the Unique Selling Point (USP) of real-world changes of players. Now, if this is going to be linked to player happiness and their rating declines simply due to unhappiness, that could work but otherwise, I’m very pessimistic of this change. Not everyone wants to play uber competitive 100 team 5 division GameWorlds so I’m a little confused with this one. Why remove this option when some managers like playing smaller setups? Farcical to remove the option. Appears your Di
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