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  1. Yes. In some way being the sun of Sérgio Conceição may have delayed his debout. Other players with less talent than him already had opportunities and he was still waiting for his. He is a big talent, with proven given on under-19 and FC Porto B and make a great impact on his debut on the first team, for sure he will get more opportunities from now on.
  2. Chico Conceição (FC Porto) - 18 years - only 65 on SM - 180k - is clearly a must buy. Make his debut today vs Boavista and in 15 minutes won a penalty and created a chance the ended in goal (VAR reversed).
  3. If in your opinion Moffi (Lorient) a better option for the future, assuming that Lorient escapes relegation, and he continues scoring?
  4. To get 85 he needs to play a lot more. My question is if he has the potencial for that. Honestly I didn’t see enough games of Lille to have an opinion about him.
  5. Timothy Weah (Lille) keep or sell? Do you think he has the potencial to became a regular starter on Lille? Can he reach 85 at the end of the season? Thanks
  6. Is this the start of Brazil review or just several Brazilian players being reviewed?
  7. Right move from André Villas-Boas!
  8. Can Barbosa Moisés (SC Internacional) get +3 to 85? Or more likely +2 to 84? SC International probably will win the league and Moises is playing well.
  9. I’m a little bit disappointed... I was expecting 87/88 to Curtis Jones! 😂 The guy that make this review must be a huge Liverpool fan!
  10. Hope we continue to see Smith Rowe playing. Probably will get less minutes. Odegaard is a great player for Arsenal.
  11. @thorgan lesarwhat is or opinion about Albert Sambi Lokonga (Anderlecht)? Probably +3 to 85 when Belgium review, but what about his potencial? Can he be a top player on a big 5 league? Thanks
  12. Albert Sambi Lokonga (Anderlecht) should get +3 to 85 on Belgium review, right? What is your opinion about his potencial? Can he be a top player on a top 5 league?
  13. No way Otávio will play on MLS on near future. My guess is Milan. He will go to a big club probably on Italy. Now it is only a question of who pays more.
  14. Hope Smith Rowe (Arsenal) gets at least +3 to 83 tomorrow. Arsenal improved a lot since he started to play. Only 400 minutes in Premier League, but already 3 assists. 14 games, 5 goals and 5 assist total. Really promising player.
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