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  1. They miss Darboe (Roma). Finish the season as starter and already been called to play at his nacional team. At least give him a photo on the game! 😂
  2. I’m sorry you're going through all this. I wish you a lot of strength and I hope that in the future things can be better for you.
  3. Darboe (Roma) didn’t get +2/+3 at least? If it was a Sassuolo maybe he get a 80 or 82! 😂
  4. Raspadori 86 with less than 1300 minutes? 😂 84 wouldn’t be more than fair for now?
  5. +1. Even if Belgium wins the Euro don’t think SM would give him +2.
  6. @bitches Zielinski had a great season, however Napoles finish 5th place and failed the qualify for the champions league, so it’s most likely to stay at 91.
  7. Saidou Sow (Saint Etienne) has the potencial do be a starter next season? Never saw him playing, but with 18 years he is already a starter on his nacional team.
  8. Several players made their debut in Spain's senior team today. The young spanish team beat Lithuania 4-0.
  9. Tarem Moffi (Lorient) is 85 and still has no photo! I tried to edit is photo on soccerwiki but I get an error…
  10. Mingueza +3 to 86? +4 to 87? Thanks
  11. Mads Sorensen (Brentford) +2/+3 to 82/83? Thanks
  12. Hi, can Andrew Omobamidele (Norwich) keep his place as starter next season? Never saw him playing... He was already called for Ireland nacional team...
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