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  1. Moffi (Lorient) is 85 and still has no photo on the game. Try to edit him on soccerwiki but it didn’t work. Anyone can do it?
  2. Breaking news: Luis Filipe Vieira, chairman of SL Benfica detained. News in development. https://www.google.pt/amp/s/www.abola.pt/amp/noticias/ver/897037
  3. @Milanista1vs 4-2-3-1 B I use the 4-3-3 B with this instructions/play style? At 45 I change the Pressing to “Own Half”? What player should I pick as Playmaker? CM or Winger? Your best player as Winger or Striker? Thanks
  4. If you are playing with a similar team should I pick the same play style and instructions? thanks
  5. Italy 1 - 2 Spain England 1 - 2 Denmark
  6. If you play against a similar team that plays with 4-2-3-1 B you chose the 4-2-3-1 B or the 4-3-3 B?
  7. Tight Marking, Men Behind Ball and PM? PM is Use Playemaker? No Counter-Attack? Like this? Thanks
  8. I know this is off topic but if you can give your opinion here on tactical help I would appreciate. Many thanks
  9. In your opinion what are the best instructions and play style for this formations if your team is better then your opponent? In both formations I’ve playing with this instructions/play style. What are your suggestions? Thanks
  10. How big of a talent is Matias Arezo? I never saw him playing, only highlights on Youtube. What they say about him in Uruguay? Can he be the next Suarez or Cavani? He has impressive numbers for a 18 years old player.
  11. My predictions: Belgium 1-2 PortugalItaly 2-0 AustriaThe Netherlands 2-1 Czech RepublicWales 1-2 DenmarkFrance 1-0 SwitzerlandCroatia 1-2 SpainSweden 2-1 UkraineEngland 0-1 Germany
  12. Germany was out for a long period. Mbape penalti was a scandal. He threw himself completely into the field. Rui Patrício’s save of Pogba shot was something amazing. This was the most complicated group and despite Germany being disappointed in 2 games, Hungary did very well, in a group that has, in my opinion, the 3 best teams in the euros.
  13. O don’t agree with the -1 to Ter Stegen, honestly. Along with Oblak, he is the best goalkeeper in the world at the moment. Barcelona may not have had a great season but Ter Stegen was definitely not the reason.
  14. Honestly I don’t know how Mingueza could be less than 87 with almost 3000 minutes on Barcelona…. And he already played for Spain. (regardless of the reasons)
  15. Mingueza +4 to 87? +5 to 88 seems to much… Pedri +2 to 89? Moriba +5 to 83? Thanks
  16. What about Mingueza and Moriba? What those forums say? I believe that Moriba has everithing to become a great player in Barcelona or anywhere else.
  17. They miss Darboe (Roma). Finish the season as starter and already been called to play at his nacional team. At least give him a photo on the game! 😂
  18. I’m sorry you're going through all this. I wish you a lot of strength and I hope that in the future things can be better for you.
  19. Darboe (Roma) didn’t get +2/+3 at least? If it was a Sassuolo maybe he get a 80 or 82! 😂
  20. Raspadori 86 with less than 1300 minutes? 😂 84 wouldn’t be more than fair for now?
  21. +1. Even if Belgium wins the Euro don’t think SM would give him +2.
  22. @bitches Zielinski had a great season, however Napoles finish 5th place and failed the qualify for the champions league, so it’s most likely to stay at 91.
  23. Saidou Sow (Saint Etienne) has the potencial do be a starter next season? Never saw him playing, but with 18 years he is already a starter on his nacional team.
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