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  1. He's getting decent gametime due to Barca's defensive injuries, but I don't think he'll be a long-term starter (with Eric Garcia likely to join in summer). He's versatile tho and gives me Sergi Roberto vibes (already a few calls to play him at DM), peak rating prediction- 89/90
  2. If it's a competitive game world, I'd sell Lenglet- find a reasonable swap deal while his value & rating are still high. Pique is still a starter, and will hold on to 92 for a while IMO, but you might not get a good deal for him given his age. Messi.
  3. Anyone worth keeping from this? Mark McGuiness, Gustavo Cipriano, James Garner, Taylor Booth, Tyreik Wright, Cedric Teguia, Tyreece John-Jules
  4. Donnarumma TAA Kounde De Ligt Davis De Jong Foden Felix Sancho Haaland Mbappe
  5. Trio>Pavard>Lenglet De Jong easy. Er, since your team needs a CB, and mine needs cash, may I interest you in Samuel Umititi, worldclass CB who's not injury -prone?
  6. M. Silveira, A. El Hadj, L.Günther, J. Enciso, E. Roback, J. Drozd, Joe Gerhardt, Kasper duda, G. Maia, A. Sieb, A. Kalimuendo, J. Timber, Louie Barry, A. Velasco, T. Mengi, Hugo Siquet, E. Bayram, G. Bello, Kwadwo Baah, K. Arnstead, J. Baptiste, Mohamed Toure, S. Munoz, Liam morrison Need 10 players from this list please...
  7. I don't mean it as Criticism ofc, just my thoughts, you're doing great work and take your time✌️
  8. @thorgan lesar In line with this, IMHO I feel like too many players are tagged as "Must-buy" in the forum. It's really helpful but it gets confusing in GWs where 1. You don't have much cash, 2. There's a squad cap, 3. You already have too many youth players with a strong team in a (uncompetitive) GW, because there are a lot of Must-buys and I don't know who all to buy from them. The 🌟 rating you introduced, for instance, is much more helpful because it gives more clarity. And for starters, when you post "Added today-Must buys/Worth a buys", could you add a (!) to players who s
  9. With Araujo NMF, there wasn't much choice ig...I can't believe, after 8-2, we found Araujo, Mingueza, Saw Umtiti play good again briefly, almost signed Garcia....and still ended up with Pique-Lenglet again to face Mbappe🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  10. Muller or Thiago? N. Elvedi or K. Tierney F. Mendy or J. Cancelo?
  11. Keep for sure: Kimmich, Rodri, Thiago, Gnabry, Madison, Grealish. Sell for sure: Coutinho, Alli, Pepe, Ceballos, Ramsey. Rest depends.
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