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  1. Marquinhos+ Bukayo Saka or Moriba+ Gravenberch+ Sule+ Grimaldo? Not a direct deal, plus it’s done but I’m curious if I got the better side of it...
  2. Thanks. Would you give Gravenberch + Greenwood or Tonali+Gravenberch+Moriba for Marquinhos?
  3. Haha, that was my bid on Wirtz, received a counter offer: Musiala+ Lucas Gourna-Douath. Thoughts? Offer Hudson Odoi+ Gourna-Douath?
  4. Hudson Odoi+ Hugo Souza for Wirtz?
  5. Osimhen or Tapsoba (without considering positions)?
  6. Zakaria or N. Milenkovic? (position doesn’t matter)? Give Gravenberch + Moriba + Tonali for Marquinhos? Give Gravenberch/Moriba+ Greenwood for Marquinhos?
  7. Can’t believe Ederson didn’t rise.
  8. 1 point from 4 players, can’t sub out red carded players as well, shambles😂
  9. Would you give two players from Tonali, Zaniola, kamara, Jonathan David, Osimhen for Robertson? Get Roberson+ N.Milenkovic for Ruben Dias? [my starting LB is Grimaldo, my CBs are Dias, Sule, Kimpembe]
  10. Ruben Dias+ Hudson Odoi or De Bryne?
  11. Currently: Mount, Foden, Pedri Potentially: Foden, Pedri, Mount... imho Kimmich+ Jota
  12. Hakimi ➡️ PSG has just been confirmed...
  13. Griezmann won’t/shouldn’t drop, he’s been great since the last review.
  14. Agreed with Pique but Ter Stegen had a poor season by his standards, though I didn’t expect him to drop. Looks like nobody is safe, Alisson, Van Djik(hopefully not), Mane, Firmino all at risk; Ziyech and Auba nailed on for a drop, if today’s review is anything to go by.
  15. Brilliant review for Barcelona and Atletico. -1 for Toni kroos seems harsh...
  16. Generous review for La Liga so far.
  17. I’m curious to know which under-18 players you think have been “impressive” this season in the top 5 leagues.
  18. True, but for a 17 year old(then) to bench an arguably world class player is impressive regardless.
  19. Barcelona forums are always overly critical and toxic, so I highly recommend not taking their opinions at face value. [added to say: r/barca is a better place to look for player opinions] There’s a reason why Pedri benched Pjanic the entire season, and is a starter for Spain, while there’s Thiago, Fabian Ruiz etc on the bench. I agree his performance dropped off in last few weeks, he looked tired. He’s 18 and he’s played almost 50 games this season... “He hasn’t done anything special at Barca” isn’t true. On Moriba, he’s barely played and they already hate him.
  20. You’ve described exactly why we have and need stats. Because it’s simply not possible to watch every single player out there. For the sake of argument, let’s say you somehow manage to do it, how are you going to convince me that player A is better than player B? Especially if they are defenders or midfielders. We’re all biased. While eye test is important, stats- when used with proper context- are extremely useful. Judging a midfielder with how many goals and assists he has?
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