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  1. Thanks for the explanation! Wow that's a great point, guess TAA could improve his rating someday...
  2. Zaniola is out for a long time, and as it is a recurring ACL injury, I'm kinda worried for him. Go for Reguilon...
  3. Thank you! A couple more questions... Does anyone know how ratings are calculated, and how often are they updated? From what I've read here, I understand that they aren't purely based on stats, players who play for better sides are rated higher. And is there any particular reason why Wingbacks are rated comparatively lower, never above 93...?
  4. What do you guys think about Lenglet? I feel like SM overrates him, with a 92 rating, while he should probably be only 90/91 at best, or is it just me?
  5. I'm new to this game and still am learning, could you explain why you would buy dembele ONLY in a CGW?
  6. Pick one to BUY- Bernardo Silva/ Saul Niguez/ Dybala/H Son Pick one to SELL- Lautaro/ Ousmane Dembele/ Arthur Young Backup Keeper- Unai Simmons(Athletic club) OR T. Strakosha(SS Lazio) OR M. Maignan( Lille) ?
  7. Do you reckon Pavard would be a better buy than AWB?
  8. Hey! I'm looking to buy young wingbacks who could potentially rise to 93.... Here are my available options. Pick one each Leftback- Lucas Hernandez/Theo Hernandez/ Lodi/ Cucurella/ Chillwell Rightback- Gimenez/ Laimer/ AWB/Kounde Right now I have Alba/Firpo, and Sergi Roberto/Emerson So, getting a rightback is priority as I wanna get rid of Sergi Roberto.
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