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  1. Coutinho isn’t recovering well from injury + there's a clause in his contract that forces Barca to pay Liverpool 20 Million if Coutinho plays 8 more games iirc! Given Barca’s financial troubles, I’m sure that’s not gonna happen. Sell ASAP. Still prefer Casemiro plus Valverde IMO.
  2. Too good an offer to pass on, take the duo.
  3. Have stacked up 114 players in my youth team, need to sell a few. Most of them are still highly rated prospects, here are a few I'm not sure if they're still worth keeping. Ivan mesik, Gaston Avila, E.Quaresma, Ariel Mosor, N. Dyhr, A. Prass, Simon sohm, Sam Tijani, James Sands, Fausto Vera, Joe Scally, Jesus Rivas, E. Pizzuto, M. Taabouni, Aliou Traore, Adam Idah. Who all to sell, if any? Silva Brenner, still worth keeping after his move to Cincinnati?
  4. Denis Zakaria OR Albert samba Lokonga+ Marcus Edwards+ Krepin Diatta? (Only Zakaria would start for me)
  5. Slightly tweaking your criteria, Renato Tapia and De Frutos.
  6. Did that recently, took about 7-10 days for another bid, not sure if it's always the norm.
  7. b) Personally, I'm okay with leaving him with just a transfer ban, but opt (b) is necessary for the GW to run smoothly again.
  8. I'm confused at why you dug a hole for yourself. Everyone knows you are a trusted manager. Everyone were only having a go at Pop Tate. One game does not define a season but it doesn't change the fact that it was disgraceful, setting a bad precedent. Again, all you had to say was, 'I don't condone this in my GW'. No hard decisions, just a rap on the knuckle. Why defend him to the hilt, bring up irrelevant arguments, cherry pick minor points to debate over- semantics and phrasing, while not addressing the issue in hand? Why refuse to acknowledge the wrongdoing, even after the offender himself has confessed that he fixed the game to get back at a manager and admitted it was unsportsmanlike? You are the only one saying, "nothing wrong has been done" while being the only one being benefited from it, even Pop Tate agrees it's wrong. I'm not saying you are involved in the fixing, but why dig a hole for yourself? Condoning the match fixing would've taken much less effort, while salvaging the GW and your credibility... Very bizzare
  9. I didn't think what Pop Tate did was cheating, per se. Still don't. Disgraceful but not something I'd force someone to quit over. I'm more concerned about the way it was handled. All jaybee had to do was simply reprimand him and draw the line. Maybe Van Sheikh and Vinny wouldn't have been too happy, but there's no way it'd have escalated to what it has now. Instead, he went off a tangent, indulging in whataboutism. Not a single word against Pop Tate. Calling it a lesser offence than buying back players for profit is bizarre. Everyone can sell their players and buy them back, and everyone is free to stop someone from buying a player back. Maybe it can't happen in real life. That's cause players can't decide for themselves in a game. Similarly, there's no way a small team IRL would be able to buy world class players like we do in the game but again it is what it is. At any rate, there's no way it's in the same league as a match fixer affecting relegation (A remorseless gloating one at that!). I refuse to believe jaybee is involved in it (hope no one's actively suggesting it) but if you're the only one benefited from it AND the only one defending it vehemently, it's not a good look. As all you had to do was simply warn him, it was a strange hill to die on @jaybee You may genuinely believe in what I think is bizzare logic, and feel that buying back players is less ethical. You may still believe it's not cheating and that Pop Tate has been harshly treated. You're entitled to your opinion. But it doesn't matter at this point. If you want to salvage the GW ...and your credibility, Pop Tate has to go. I didn't think it was cheating either, but it's the only way out now. Bring back Vinny and Nick, Thorgan can replace Pop, a huge upgrade from Petty Tate, if you ask me. Or you could continue to fight for his innocence and I'd imagine that's not gonna end amicably. I still have hope for the GW. But that depends on what you decide to do @jaybee
  10. The one that has the least bids on...
  11. His value would be 6m after his bday, and if he gets a +1, it'll increase to 8m. Cheaper now IF he rises.
  12. Contrary to popular opinion, Barcelona are actually doing well rn. The only team unbeaten in big 5 leagues in 2021 so far, catching up with Atletico in La Liga (who's losing form), and are playing Bilbao in Copa Del Rey final- there's a reasonable chance of a Domestic Double. Outplayed PSG in the recent CL game too, after a poor first leg. Our best CB is just back from injury, Fati returns next month. Off the pitch, Laporta (most successful Barca prez) has won the elections, a huge improvement from Bartomeu, and I'm pretty sure Messi will stay. The financial mess will take a while to be cleared, but it isn't as bad as everyone thinks Imo. Tldr; Pedri to rise pretty faaast:)
  13. Pedri, Valverde, Bellingham, Mckennie, Gravenberch, Haidara, Guimarâes. I'm ranking Gravenberch a bit lower as he'll need a big move eventually (unlike the ones above him) and a lot depends on whether he picks the right team, having seen a few top Ajax talents struggle to adapt in bigger teams.
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