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  1. Hi! Opinions. Who has better future (95/94/93...)? 1: De Light/Upamecano - 2: Ferran/Thuram/Jota 3: Werner/Rashford/Coman Regards, Thank you
  2. For those who have experience and above all follow the Premier league. How would you order these players predicting their score in the future from high to low? Kai HAVERTZ / Phil FODEN / Mason MOUNT / Youri TIELEMANS. Thank you
  3. Specially now. He is playing with Soler. Until winter for sure they are the reference in the midde.
  4. Lodi better option to +1 soon and maybe more in future while Gaya... -1 soon
  5. He is not in that good form as Last season, for now. I dont see him rising
  6. La Liga Spain. Bryan Gil looks like he has the trust of trainer in Eibar. Already last 2 games from the begining, nice left leg. This season will have the minutes that didnt have in Sevilla. 82 - Possibly 84 at least if plays. 19 years old.
  7. Lucas doesnt have that much minutes as Upamecano NORMALLY. This season looks like Lucas is playing more but After Davies comes back.... So I would say the young one, Upamecano.
  8. If Keeps going playing, 85 for sure before summer
  9. What to choose for long term? Who could have earlier +1? Barella/Betancur/Richarlison/VD Beek? Thanks Regards
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