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  1. Re: 100m New World Record 9.58 Easy big guy, I was joking. That was what the tongue-in-cheek ironic was for, see...
  2. Re: 100m New World Record 9.58 Glad to sort out this tragic mess of a thread, it pained me to read;)
  3. Re: 100m New World Record 9.58 Nah, I think that was just for a flat hundred metres, not the first hundred. He's good, but he's not that good. Absolutely astonishing time, usually you would suggest that that time wouldn't be beaten for years and years, but you almost think Bolt can do it again whenever he wants. Roll on the 200.
  4. Re: One weekend in and I’m already bored... 2001 my friend, that was the year. Promoted teams were Blackburn, Bolton and Fulham. All survived and none have been relegated since. They've also all been in Europe since then. Although that year was very much the exception. I hope that information is right, I believe it is.
  5. Re: One weekend in and I’m already bored... If I can be pedantic and pick out a few points (I'm hungover also, so a bit grumpy)... There seems to be a romanticised view of 'the old days' - big teams dominating is not a new thing, there has always been big teams beating smaller teams. David already mentioned that almost all leagues have big teams that year on year are the favourites to win. With regard to little coverage being given to the lower leagues, it's because more people are interested in the premiership. You say the big teams have less fans than the others put together, but individually they have more fans than any other individual team. Further, non-fans are more interested in these teams than any other. For example I'm not a fan of a big four team, but I'm still interested in them - I'm not interested in Sheffield Wednesday though, or any lower league team. And to make an obvious point, more people are interested in the premiership because the football played is better than in lower leagues - presumably you don't know much about the southern premier league for example? And what has prompted this now? I can't see what's happened this weekend that's any different from previous years? Feels good to moan doesn't it?
  6. Gene Parmesan


    Re: Jokes Man goes to the doctor, he's covered in blood, there's a bone sticking out of his leg and he's carrying a few of his fingers in a bag of ice. "My god man! This is horrific! What can I do for you?" "Well it's my brother, he's been feeling a bit unwell..."
  7. Re: David Weir... Yeah it seems as if the values of all older players have been increased. Really annoying when I just sold a few guys only to see their chairman values increase by several million a few days later...
  8. Re: Zlatan To Barca - Helb & Eto'o To Inter? The way Barca are looking at this, they see Eto'o as potentially a disruptive influence on the team, and since he was (I think) in the last year of his contract it was a case of sell him now for a small amount of cash or use him as a makeweight, which they did. As for Hleb they may as well move him on, because this pre-season has shown that Guardiola is willing to put his faith in the young players, many of whom he knows from his time working with them.
  9. Re: If Ratings Weren't Based on Form... Surely Ronaldinho would be 99, if he was there at the top of his form anyway? The other standout for me would be Ronaldo (Brazil) at 99. Assuming this means players playing at their best.
  10. Re: Why Do Non-english Fans Dislike The English?, Disliking the Fans, NT & English Fo
  11. Gene Parmesan


    Re: Jokes Gentlemen, prepare to be blown away. Two cows in a field. Cow 1: "So what do you make of this mad cow disease?" Cow 2: "Doesn't bother me, I'm a hovercraft." Don't crowd round all at once, there's plenty more to go around.
  12. Re: Are footballers paid too much??? Craig is right here. Footballers get paid exactly what they're worth. The misconception is that they get paid "to kick a ball around". That's absolutely not the case. Footballers get paid big wages because they earn their companies big money, simple as that. It's the same in any industry, if an employee makes a lot of money, their company pays them well. That's how capitalism works. The argument of whether to go down a communist route and redistribute the wealth more 'fairly' is a topic for another thread...
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