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  1. I've watched literally every Juventus game this season and trust me this is very misleading. When we talk about CF, I think of someone like Lukaku or Ibrahimovic. Ronaldo's playstyle is very very different from that of a CF. He mostly cuts in from the wings and enters the box almost always from the left, while a traditional CF is positioned centrally waiting for through balls, long balls and crosses. (even if judging by stats and lineups you'd think Lukaku and Ronaldo have the same role). If there's a CF in Juventus that's Morata.
  2. As a Juventus fan, trust me I wish he was played as a CF lol. Rumors that Allegri will do it.. But as things stand now he plays the majority of the games in the left wing. The 4-4-2 lineup Juventus uses is very deceiving, it's not your usual CF+SS. Probably the reason why we sucked this year 😁
  3. Jota 91😂 This last day of the review was something else
  4. It's just a hard question, arguments can be made for both sides. They can let him stay or drop him and it's hard to complain for either. Depends on which mood SM guys wake up at that day. If it was in my hand I'd drop him, but what do I know
  5. not an easy one.. I'd take the duo because they're a bit younger and I expect Casemiro to drop to 93 by the end of next season. But it's a pretty close call anyway
  6. I'd guess so, not much reason to worry imo
  7. Let's not act like Sancho is way better than Llorente just because he's English 😁
  8. Also surprised to see Carvajal not dropping given this kind of review, he's been awful for quite a while now
  9. Well in that case for the sake of consistency they should drop Alisson too, shouldn't they?
  10. Pique 91 seems a bit unnecessary to be honest.. Especially when they didn't drop players like Hummels and Bonucci. And I certainly didn't expect Ter Stegen to drop, thought he had played quite well regardless of Barca's overall performance.
  11. Now this is an explosive review 😁 Haven't seen one of these in a while
  12. Today's review did feel a bit too generous
  13. lol, exactly. While I don't agree with the way things are done, I do want them to be consistent. And the consistent thing to do would be to let Martial keep his 91 imo.
  14. Not trying to argue for the sake of arguing, but I can name like 10 more 91s who don't deserve the rating and still have kept it. 91 to 90 usually requires a huge downgrade in the level of play.
  15. Somehow i doubt he will drop, 91 isn't a super high rating to begin with
  16. I'd take Dumfries, I think he might move to a bigger club soon enough.
  17. Surely! Gonzalo Castro is also a good shout, he can do wonders as a backup when you're low on cash
  18. I'd keep Haaland, players like that don't come often.
  19. Day 2 of lobbying for Llorente DR 😁
  20. I think he deserves the +2 anyway. Feels unfair to leave arguably the best defender in the world this season at 92. Especially when you compare him to Van Dijk and Bruno Fernandes who also got +2.
  21. He surely is class when healthy, but he's had two hard seasons plagued by injuries. Afaik he's been okay for a while now, he just hasn't played as not to risk anything. Still I'd only give him a go if no other promising talents are available. I'm afraid the injuries will creep up again next season. Certainly a gamble to buy him, especially considering he's not exactly cheap.
  22. Wondering if Dias' +2 is at risk at this point 😂
  23. take Barella, the other 2 will start dropping soon enough.
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