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  1. Re: ScOuT'S Top 100 Hot Prospects! KAdlec is one of the hotest prospects Chelsea wants him
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    Re: Attendance thank you so much ! any helpfull tips on how to beat REAL Madrit in a friendly today ???? lol
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    Re: Attendance thank you for your reply the thing is my stadium has 44000 seats and i only average 21 ooo maybe once i get promoted it will improve ?
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    Can someone help me please Is there a way to improve your attendance ? My team is nuber one in the ligue and yet my attendance is 5 th in the ligue Is there a way to improve it ? I am looking to generate more income from home games Thank You SM ROCKS !!!! Nick
  5. Re: Incoplete squads Maybe at the end of the season but if they wont allow to buy a player from a team if they have less than 18 players and thay fill the squads how come i watched Santos killing some poor team from with no GK and 8 players 11-0? can SM make sure that all the teams have 18 players at all time and not wait till the end of the season ?
  6. Re: Search Free Agents you are correct but i run a Legia team (team where Boruc played) and my budget is 5 mil i cant buy Ronaldo but when i can buy Iwanski or Larsson whos average performances this season are beter than Ronaldo's Thats why i like to see a searc h that would itemize current or overall performance In my ligue KaKa cost 50mil and his overall performance is lot less than 3 of my midfielders that i got for 3 mil each ! so when i do a search and i have 3 mil to spend i dont want to go thru 300 players i want to see there current or overall performance to see which one i can try to buy the current search will only alow you to look by team , price , rating and values
  7. Re: Search Free Agents well it would give everyone same chances sure if you have more funds you can outbid someone i cant tell you how many times i bought a player based on total rating and he did not played as well as someone with lower rating i found players that are rated 75 and have an average of 8.0 in a current season
  8. I would like to see a search that allows you to see a players based on current form or total average performance and free agent search it might be just me but i think it would be lot easier to find players that are either free agents or when you look for the players with high average performance
  9. I watched today Santos playing Aberystwyth Town in the cup and they won 12:0 Now the team they played had 8 players in the squad I thought that the team cannot foll below 18 ? Both teams have no managers But i think it would be great if we can stop something like that If that was a ligue game and it would come to my team or santos having the same amount of points i would loose since they have more goals We should not allow teams to have less than 18 players on there squads and play in a game
  10. Re: Key Game Improvements Subs Go To "in Game Instructions" - "create New Game Instruction" Choose The Time You Want To Sub And Then Drag The Subs Name On The Shirt It Will Sub At The Time You Want Its Pretty Cool
  11. Re: Key Game Improvements It is just like in real life Smaller teams cannot afford big ticket players But the joy of winning with Urawa or Legia over Juventus is still the best feeling out there I wish few things could improve in this bar none best soccer game ever 1 I wish we could follow the game live like in Football Manager 2 Negotiate on player salary 3 Maybe choose our own sponsors like on FIFA game ? 4 play friendlys against national teams !
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