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  1. Re: Where will Drogba go ? I think Real will be looking for a new coach this off season and not a new striker
  2. Re: League cap Ukrainian - 89 ????? Somebody forgot to tell this guys : Shakhtar SRNA 91 FERNANDINHO 90 CHYGRYNSKIY 90
  3. Re: U-21 Risers 2011 Great Thread ! Tons of good info Here is few more youngsters i got : MAKHNOVSKIY 73 - 80 became a starter in the middle of the season from number 3 spot for Legia Warszawa already started 6 games (this is the club that Boruc , Szczesny and Fabianski are from ) KUCHARCZYK 75 - 80 young talent for Legia soon to play for national team TISCHLER 70 - 77/78 6 goals this season already for MTK (Hungary) MORATA 77 - 80 Real Madrit first team , no need to say more
  4. Re: Good Young Left Backs Pieters schmelzer kolarov rausch nagatomo anita renan antonelli lower ranked : Makeev sandro fabio didac muniesa bertrand
  5. Re: U-21 Risers 2011 agree , he got +3 last time i think 4 is not too much to ask Go Green ! i miss Boruc L(
  6. Re: U-21 Risers 2011 I agree rogne is a great talent but i don't see him getting +6 he is still playing for under 21 national team scored 2 goals for celtic and is a regular starter this and if celtic wins the division this year might get him +4 but sky is the limit he is only 20 yrs old
  7. Re: U-21 Risers 2011 Here is few of my picks worth geting TADEVOSYAN 72 / 79-80 TISCHLER 70 / 80 KHALIL 75/79-80 MUNOZ 80/85 *** Pekhart 82/84 KRYVTSOV 82/84 *** GINCZEK 77/80 *** future star ! Le Tallec 77/79
  8. Re: Help me find a young gk for my team ! Akinfeev is a very good gk but CSKA failed to win the championship again He allowed 22 goals in the season only 3rd best in Russia after Rubin and Zenit (16 and 21 goals allowed ) Russia as a national team is not doing that great either His last update was in .....2005 !!!! 5 years not touched by SM !!!!
  9. Re: Help me find a young gk for my team ! Yeas but there is tons of great gk's that are reaching 40 and i just dont see the next van der sar or buffon If you do search for gk's ranked over 90 on sm 8 of them are over 32 and there is only 25 gk's ranked 90 or higher ! And from that i can name 4 that will drop below 90 next time Sm will rank them Like Wise , Given ,Palop and Frey soon if he stays at number 2 behind Boruc
  10. Re: Help me find a young gk for my team ! Thank's guys i do agree my szczesny is going to be in top 3 gk's in the world very soon ! And hes from my legia club !!!!! All the best gk's are getting old and i don't see that many replacements
  11. Re: U-21 Risers 2011 Sio is a huge talent best 40k you will ever spend ! Lots of clubs are after him he might get +10 - 12
  12. Please help me find a young talented gk with potential to grow i only have around 6mil to spend here are the gk's i picked please ad your opinion thank you bolat felipe krul ulreich
  13. Re: U-21 Risers 2011 Do you think he might move to europe soon ?
  14. Re: U-21 Risers 2011 It looks like this thread is keep on going here are few players worth getting 1 A. Rudnevs Lech Poznan - What a kid ! hat trick agains Juventus ! Top scorer in Hungary now top scorer in Poland one of top scorers in EL ! 2 Ubiparip new transfer to Lech Poznan already scored 3 goals in two sparring games the only striker next to Rudnevs that Lech has keep an eye on him !!! 3 Abdoulrazak Traore - Lechia Gdansk 5 goals in 12 games great young player (only 22) 4 Darvydas Sernas - Widzew Lodz top scorer for Widzew #1 striker for national team ( voted number 2 player of the year in his country ) 5 Peszko - FC Koln fresh transfer from Lech Poznan to FC Koln and after 2 games in Germany already making a difference worth looking at 6 Kamil Grosicki - Sivasspor Young Polish winger already has a place in national team watch for him at the Euro great speed ! 7 Sobiech - Polonia Warszawa only 20 yrs old and one of the best strikers in Poland 10 goals last year , already 6 this year. great , great talent !
  15. Re: U-21 Risers 2011 Mozdzen has a Euro League starts and goal agains Manchaster City plus few great starts in Polish cup thats why i give him such a big raise
  16. Re: U-21 Risers 2011 Karim Ansarifard what a great talent i am a big fan of this kid
  17. Re: U-21 Risers 2011 Great Job ! Let me ad few more Poland MOZDZEN, Mateusz 77-82 Lech Poznan KUCHARCZYK, Michal 75-80 Legia Warszawa SANDOMIERSKI, Grzegorz 80-84 Jagielonia Bialystok KUPISZ,Tomasz 70-80/81 !!! Jagielonia Bialystok DRYGAS, Kamil 75-78 Lech Poznan KRYCHOWIAK, Grzegorz 78-82 Stade de Reims JANKOWSKI, Maciej 76-80 Ruch Chorzow Pawel LISOWSKI 75-79 Ruch Chorzow
  18. Re: Will Ronaldinho Drop? i agree it would be but i think he will drop to at least 90 next time around
  19. Re: Will Ronaldinho Drop? i don't see Ronaldinho being more than 89 now that he is in Brazil
  20. Re: General risers Great Job ! If i can ad few : GERVINHO 89-90 BONUCCI 89-90 SONG 91-92 Hulk 90-91 Cavani 90-91 F.LLORENTE 90-91 Hummels 90-91 Weidenfeller 89-90 Vossen 84-86 Sandomierski 80-83 Szczesny 80-84 Kucharczyk 75-80 Mehmedi 78-83 DEMBELE 80-84
  21. Re: will hulk rise from 90-92? I think Hulk should get +1 its hard to jump to 92 if you already rated 90 Plus he is not playing for national team so i think 91 is all he gets
  22. I see lots of young players that should be getting rise and yet SM is not looking at them When is SM gonna rate those players ? Here is few : ANSARIFARD Scoring machine for both Iran National Team and the club i say easy 82-84 yet SM has him at 76 Ahmed KHALIL 11 goals for AlAhli last season Playing for national team Really promising youngster yet still at 75 TADEVOSYAN Huge talent with 10 goals last year 4 goals in 5 games this year rated only 72 If those guys would be sitting at the bench of any team from England or Spain and not scoring at all they would be at 80 or higher
  23. Re: Please help me with 75-79 risers !!! Makhamudov is 1.4mil how much do you think he is gonna get ? +3 +4 ?
  24. Re: Please help me with 75-79 risers !!! Thank you !
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