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  1. Hey guys. I'm in a league that has transfer windows. Right now it is closed because the season ended. But the new season will start on tuesday. I can sell players and buy players right now and it says they will go through on Turn 1 of the new season. My question is how SM will process the transfers because Im relying on money from selling players to bring in the players I already had accepted bids for. Example: I dont have money right now but I transfer listed Zyiech and got 27.3 million for him and i am buying Barella for 24 million. When the transfer window opens I should have Barella plus 3
  2. Hi, I know a lot of leagues are frozen and the game result says "processing", has this ever happened before? one of my leagues is fine and the other 3 are having this " stuck on processing" problem
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    Hey Guys, Im new to the game.. I was wondering if there was a set list of the order of the updates and how they are done.. I noticed they are updating the australian league.. if anyone knows the order please let me know.. thanks
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    I want to ask about something that happened today during my game. I watch all my games before seeing the result just because that is way more fun. Well to my surprise I was getting a great result tying this heavily favored team because of fitness (1-1). Match ends, I think it is a tie but when i got out of it I saw some friends mocking a loss of mine and I was like it was a tie! i checked the results section and it says i lost 2-1 with a goal that happened on the 68th minute. I watched the game again ! no goal on the 68th minute and it said 1-1 when the game ended.. Such bull!!!! Anyone ever
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