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  1. We have 3 spaces in Division 3 in Total Fusion Super League. Active gameworld, we have a chilled Facebook lage too. 4 division gameworld with 80 teams. Wrexham, Wigan and Ross County are the teams available. Some good players between them with room to build. A guy called Paul Hook took it over a month or so back after the old owner abandoned us and it's back in good shape. 33 player squad cap is the main rule, I'd fill anyone in on the other small ones. If any reliable managers who are looking to be in a good league for the long haul let me know.
  2. Is Daniel Maldini worth holding onto?
  3. Aihen Munoz + Emanuel Vignato or Caio Henrique?
  4. Yvan Neyou, Moreto Cassama or Berat Ozdemir? Need a midfielder around 80-82 rating who will hopefully rise over the next couple of months in an extremely tough gameworld. Who's my best bet out of those three? Any other suggestions appreciate, but as I said, it's a tough gameworld where most are taken.
  5. Who'd we reckon will rise more short term and potentially make me a higher profit out of Andreaw Gravillon and Randal Kolo?
  6. Fair enough guys. I was just thinking how Oyarzabal got to 92 with a similar level of stats and performances over the last year or so. I guess it'd take a big Euros from Moreno to really put him in with a shout.
  7. Do we think Gérard Moreno will hit 92?
  8. Opinions on the best talent priced less than 1 mil who are getting good game time who I can flip for a mil or so profit? In a very money tight gameworld with a small team, and most of the obvious ones are gone.
  9. Mac Allister and Kudus or Smith-Rowe?
  10. The owner has just quit the most competitive gameworld I'm in, called Total Fusion Super League. I've been a part of it for six months. Active Facebook page where loads posted, and I'd put together a quality young side. Managers slowly leaving now, seems to just have been left to rot. Does anyone know of a good, active gameworld with a similar social aspect that I could possibly join?
  11. Any idea on when Zabarnyi might get his rise?
  12. Sell Matheus Nunes for a 1/10 chance of getting Shoretire? 😂 At squad cap and one needs to go, and he's the only one I have an external offer in for. Nunes is worth keeping hold of, right?
  13. Neal Maupay, where do we think his career is headed?
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