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  1. Sounds like I'm not the one you're trying to convince here...
  2. Attending this forum has nothing to do with it. Someone with a bit of real life knowledge combined with an understanding of how the game works should never have made a mistake like this. Only a complete newbie could be excused for such an error. The fact that seasoned SM players have is hilarious.
  3. Perhaps it was a bit full on, but it's my true feeling on the matter. I find it difficult to imagine how anyone with a little bit of knowledge about how this game works could make such a mistake.
  4. Absolutely hilarious. No sympathy for anyone who paid for him, you're simply exposing yourself as having a severe lack of knowledge when it comes to football. Someone at soccermanager the easy mistake of making a typo, you made a far worse mistake of playing a game based on real life player performance for ten years yet still being absolutely clueless. Quit soccermanager now and take up knitting or something. This isn't the game for you.
  5. Take Pedri, well stacked in defence.
  6. Kamada + Curtis Jones or Vinicius Junior?
  7. Why does he have... Every player? 😂
  8. Curtis Jones + Cherki or Pedri? 👀
  9. Most England fans expect us to fail. We've been programmed that way. Scotland are just pure banter though 😂
  10. Depends really, if he's a squad player who contributes very well like Mahrez he'll probably hit 92. If he becomes pivotal to how City play and gets very good numbers, he'll hit 93. If Man City win a Champions League AND he does that he should hit 94. That's the maximum I'd go. He'd need to really be one of the very best players in the world to hit 95/96 like KDB. A lot of ifs there.
  11. I'd take Llorente, younger and much more versatile. I don't see how Thiago doesn't drop at least one.
  12. I wasn't sure how high he'd go, but everyone thought he'd make it at a decent level. He was just better than all of us at everything, and a few were very good players. We used to play in a small playground where we lived with two walls at each end that we'd use as goals. When we played heads and volleys he'd get as much power in his headers than most of us would in our shots. His shots were ridiculously powerful, but maybe a bit wild at times, and he was unbelievably strong despite his size at the time. He was more skilful on the ball than anyone, and obviously he was always quicker than everyone. My Dad always said he'd play for England, I thought that he'd break into the Blades side and make a good career in the Championship. Then after seeing him in a Blades shirt, he was clearly on a different level from his very first appearance.
  13. Yeah, pretty crazy. He was always pretty short and used to play up front or as a winger at school, and in the Blades academy. Then at about 16/17 he had a growth spurt and got converted into a full back. I wish we were closer as kids 😂 A guy I still see now and again had Kyle as his best man, he paid for the entire thing and the honeymoon.
  14. That wasn't me! I just made a comment in the thread about Kyle Walker. Still some spelling mistakes in my post however!
  15. Found my old account, I thought it'd have been destroyed! Ffs my spelling was atrocious, some shocking posts from 14 year old me! I remembered incorrectly, I never made a Kyle Walker thread, but here's me unearthing 'ma mate' before he was added. 😂
  16. I remember playing back in the late 2000s when I was still at school. Believe it or not I used to be a mod on the old forums. 😂 Anyway, Kyle Walker lived on my estate and went to the same school as me, we used to play out together regularly. He was a few years older and when he was added to the game I bought him in every gameworld I was in. Made a thread on the old forums hyping him up at the time too, not sure if that's still in cyberspace somewhere. 😂
  17. Acuna and Joan Jordan are both getting their +1! Believe! 😂
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