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  1. Seriously, I'm sick of logging on in every game world, 33 of them, paying to be a gold member, just to watch a game with another ridiculous result. Game world after game world week in and week out. Who the hell is operating or managing this freakin joke of an engine? The engine is stuck on the Ronaldo's and Messi's. Seriously, every season either one gets the boot or player of the season. Then Ronaldo's rating should be 110 but it dropped. My whole Bayern Munchen team rose in rating, on average 93 in tonight's game but we lose to a team similar in rating but with an average age of 28 whi
  2. For sake SM sort out your ing ridiculous game engine. Every ing week the same . Superman keeper for opposing team or super strikers than cannot score. For sake get an admin to set up a realistic game engine. Stop stealing our money and put something back into the game you nuts!!!! I pay to ing play and want to lose against real managers not bots with inferior teams where your engine make up ed up results!!!! And I will ing swear as it's the only way to get you to ing listen!!!! Or refund my ing money!!!!! Heinz Kruger
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