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  1. Thanks Thorgan, best talents of the group: Seong-jin Kang (FC Seoul) – AM,F(RLC) - next Son, Cha Du-ri (ex-Bundesliga) is training him to Germany Ji-sung Eom (Gwangju FC) – AM(RLC) - player to keep an eye on, has score a goal in K League Min-jun Kim (Ulsan Hyundai) – AM,F(RL) - 3 goals for 2nd place Ulsan Sang-bin Jung (Suwon Bluewings) - F(C) - good finisher, 2 goals, 4 games
  2. Lol Jeong-hoon Kim (Jeonbuk) - 82 kg Jin-yong Lee (Daegu) - 73 kg Dong-ryul Lee (Jeju) - 66 kg Ji-hoon Lee (Jeonbuk) - 60 kg Seong-jin Kang (Seoul) - 76 kg Ji-sung Eom (Gwangju) - 64 kg Young-jun Goh (Pohang) - 68 kg Yun-gu Kang (Ulsan) - 73 kg Min-jun Kim (Ulsan) - 74 kg Young-jun Lee (Suwon FC) - 83 kg Sang-bin Jung (Suwon Bluewings) - 75 kg
  3. Fejsal Mulic +10 after scoring two goals and becomes a meme
  4. Thanks Gyan, what information is you looking for? Jeong-hoon Kim (Jeonbuk Hyundai) – GK Age: 19 Date of Birth: 20 Apr 2001 Height: 188 cm Foot: Right Jin-yong Lee (Daegu FC) – D,DM(C), M(R) Age: 19 Date of Birth: 1 May 2001 Height: 180 cm Foot: Right Dong-ryul Lee (Jeju United) – AM(RLC),F(RL) Age: 20 Date of Birth: 9 Jun 2000 Height: 177 cm Foot: Right Ji-hoon Lee (Jeonbuk Hyundai) – M(R), AM,F(RC) Age: 19 Date of Birth: 2 Mar 2002 Height: 173 cm Foot: Right Seo
  5. @Sir Rahul I am willing to help. How do I do it?
  6. Good news Kieran, the Korean players should be the new players / position: New Players Jeong-hoon Kim (Jeonbuk Hyundai) – GK Young-woo Seol (Ulsan Hyundai) – D,DM,M(RL) Du-jae Won (Ulsan Hyundai) – D,DM,M(C) Jin-yong Lee (Daegu FC) – D,DM(C), M(R) Ji-hoon Lee (Jeonbuk Hyundai) – M(R), AM,F(RC) Seong-jin Kang (FC Seoul) – AM,F(RLC) Ji-sung Eom (Gwangju FC) – AM(RLC) Young-jun Goh (Pohang Steelers) – AM(RLC) Yun-gu Kang (Ulsan Hyundai) – AM(RC) Min-jun Kim (Ulsan Hyundai) – AM,F(RL) Dong-ryul Lee (Jeju United) – AM(RLC),F(RL) Young
  7. Must keep : Centre back De Vrij Pau Torres Bastoni Kounde Right back Ginter Centre midfield Tielemans Barella Rice Locatelli Attacking midfielder / winger Sabitzer Mount Maddison Barnes Striker Llorente You needs more left back / right back / striker.
  8. Park Kyu-hyun (19) has high talent. I don't know how much he can go up. But he can be start for Werder Bremen in few seasons.
  9. Kane + Hak, you got to get Haaland / Dest if you don't get them. The three is a big miss, but there is more wingers / centre backs / right backs in the market
  10. I don't need a category, main because Soccer Manager is not interested in Korean talents, if they were Won Du-jae was added a long time ago. However, I can write some guest reports. That will depend if Kang Seong-jin gets more games, or Park Kyu-Hyun gets to Werder Bremen first team.
  11. Need help, rank the 6 Bayern players (1 best, 6 worst): 1) Thomas Muller 2) Leon Goretzka 3) Serge Gnabry 4) Kingsley Coman 5) Alphonso Davies 6) Benjamin Pavard
  12. Gvardiol is good buy, young, cheap, solid. Elvedi & Camavinga Sell him
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