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  1. Thanks Thorgan, best talents of the group: Seong-jin Kang (FC Seoul) – AM,F(RLC) - next Son, Cha Du-ri (ex-Bundesliga) is training him to Germany Ji-sung Eom (Gwangju FC) – AM(RLC) - player to keep an eye on, has score a goal in K League Min-jun Kim (Ulsan Hyundai) – AM,F(RL) - 3 goals for 2nd place Ulsan Sang-bin Jung (Suwon Bluewings) - F(C) - good finisher, 2 goals, 4 games
  2. Lol Jeong-hoon Kim (Jeonbuk) - 82 kg Jin-yong Lee (Daegu) - 73 kg Dong-ryul Lee (Jeju) - 66 kg Ji-hoon Lee (Jeonbuk) - 60 kg Seong-jin Kang (Seoul) - 76 kg Ji-sung Eom (Gwangju) - 64 kg Young-jun Goh (Pohang) - 68 kg Yun-gu Kang (Ulsan) - 73 kg Min-jun Kim (Ulsan) - 74 kg Young-jun Lee (Suwon FC) - 83 kg Sang-bin Jung (Suwon Bluewings) - 75 kg
  3. Fejsal Mulic +10 after scoring two goals and becomes a meme
  4. Thanks Gyan, what information is you looking for? Jeong-hoon Kim (Jeonbuk Hyundai) – GK Age: 19 Date of Birth: 20 Apr 2001 Height: 188 cm Foot: Right Jin-yong Lee (Daegu FC) – D,DM(C), M(R) Age: 19 Date of Birth: 1 May 2001 Height: 180 cm Foot: Right Dong-ryul Lee (Jeju United) – AM(RLC),F(RL) Age: 20 Date of Birth: 9 Jun 2000 Height: 177 cm Foot: Right Ji-hoon Lee (Jeonbuk Hyundai) – M(R), AM,F(RC) Age: 19 Date of Birth: 2 Mar 2002 Height: 173 cm Foot: Right Seo
  5. @Sir Rahul I am willing to help. How do I do it?
  6. Good news Kieran, the Korean players should be the new players / position: New Players Jeong-hoon Kim (Jeonbuk Hyundai) – GK Young-woo Seol (Ulsan Hyundai) – D,DM,M(RL) Du-jae Won (Ulsan Hyundai) – D,DM,M(C) Jin-yong Lee (Daegu FC) – D,DM(C), M(R) Ji-hoon Lee (Jeonbuk Hyundai) – M(R), AM,F(RC) Seong-jin Kang (FC Seoul) – AM,F(RLC) Ji-sung Eom (Gwangju FC) – AM(RLC) Young-jun Goh (Pohang Steelers) – AM(RLC) Yun-gu Kang (Ulsan Hyundai) – AM(RC) Min-jun Kim (Ulsan Hyundai) – AM,F(RL) Dong-ryul Lee (Jeju United) – AM(RLC),F(RL) Young
  7. Must keep : Centre back De Vrij Pau Torres Bastoni Kounde Right back Ginter Centre midfield Tielemans Barella Rice Locatelli Attacking midfielder / winger Sabitzer Mount Maddison Barnes Striker Llorente You needs more left back / right back / striker.
  8. Park Kyu-hyun (19) has high talent. I don't know how much he can go up. But he can be start for Werder Bremen in few seasons.
  9. Kane + Hak, you got to get Haaland / Dest if you don't get them. The three is a big miss, but there is more wingers / centre backs / right backs in the market
  10. I don't need a category, main because Soccer Manager is not interested in Korean talents, if they were Won Du-jae was added a long time ago. However, I can write some guest reports. That will depend if Kang Seong-jin gets more games, or Park Kyu-Hyun gets to Werder Bremen first team.
  11. Need help, rank the 6 Bayern players (1 best, 6 worst): 1) Thomas Muller 2) Leon Goretzka 3) Serge Gnabry 4) Kingsley Coman 5) Alphonso Davies 6) Benjamin Pavard
  12. Gvardiol is good buy, young, cheap, solid. Elvedi & Camavinga Sell him
  13. Kang-in vs. Celta Vigo, nutmeg and turn
  14. Another funny moments in the Soccer Manager. World Cup Qualifiers England vs. Ukraine, but Kane, Alli, Trippier, Foden not played. G Friend (Birmingham City) Man of the Match. Bench is 7 goalkeepers.
  15. "I can confirm that, and we are very happy about that at FC Bayern. We had very good, intensive and professional discussions with Dayot and his agent Volker Struth for several months," Salihamidzic told Bild. https://bulinews.com/news/7415/salihamidzic-confirms-dayot-upamecano-will-join-bayern-from-leipzig
  16. Nice DM, good price also. Mario Husillos Jr. says it better than me: https://totalfootballanalysis.com/analysis/martin-zubimendi-202021-scout-report-tactical-analysis-tactics
  17. No, I'm Singaporean, which is bit embarrassing: my English is worse than Sir Rahul, half good half bad. I follow Korean soccer because GFriend, I watch online matches and follow Tavern of the Taegeuk Warriors and other K-League contents. P.S. Oh Se- is Oh Se-Hoon, he's linked to Ulsan (2nd place) so worth a look.
  18. For Jeonbuk, his best at LW (inside forward). Behind Iljutcenko and Gustavo (2 excellent) at ST. He turns 23 soon, so cannot the K-League rule - teams must play at least one U22 every match. Overall, decent player, but LW is strong for Korea. Song Min-kyu and Jeong Woo-yeong are better. At ST, Oh Se- and Cheon Seong-hoon.
  19. My friend forgot to set her LB, so SM played her backup GK there instead. 😅 Pino, better team. Shame you can't sign both.
  20. Frenkie by a hair. Goretzka rising like a rocket is exaggerated, Bayern rely on Lewa the same way Barca rely on Messi. Frenkie could catch up to Leon sooner, he's great in the usual Barca 4-3-3. Saul must go.
  21. Centre back - Pau Torres, not sure about winger or striker. Maybe Ibrahimovic?
  22. No, Famalicao have the joint worst defensive record this season. A couple poor results will see them in a relegation battle. Fredrik Bjorkan?
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