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  1. I have the chance to sign 2 players from a team whos lost a manager. They have some players which I could afford 2 from. D Calibria M Arthur Van De Beek L Pellegrini J Brandt Skriniar Calvert-Lewin Any of these worth pursuing who might be due a possible rise or 2 in the future ?
  2. "One to keep an eye out for when added to SM."
  3. Need to bring in some money, ive identified as Kabak being the main one who I can sell. Is it worth Keeping OZAN KABAK and waiting for an increase? or Sell for 9m to get more youths.
  4. Jose Gimenez has returned to Athletic computer team and is avaliable today. I do not have enough money and the only option i have really is OLMO or AOUAR + 8m cash on transfer. Would this be worthwhile ? I currently have Jesus Navas DR + DEST as backup. (OLMO & AOUAR are bench players) Im torn on what to do!
  5. Hey Guys, Just has confirmation that I signed Kingsley Coman. I have Olmo 90 / Aour 90 / Kulusevski 88 / Cuhna 88 / Camavinga 88 who are subs for this position. I dont think ill be able to keep them all without some of them becoming unhappy so wanted opinions on who you would ship off ? The game wont let me loan out 88 rated players and I can use the money onto sorting another position i guess. Who would u ditch or would you just hang onto them all for now, im unsure if any are due rises?
  6. Hi Guys, Appreciate all the help with advice. Im trying to raise funds to make a deal for Barella & Bennacer. I dont really want to loose any of my first teamers so was looking at my youth / loanees. Are any there any on my list below that would be OK to sell, I need to raise around 20m. Thanks.
  7. I have the option to sign BENTANCUR and/or BARELLA. They are open to trading ODEGAARD and/or OLMO in the trades with me giving some cash approx 4m with either trade. Would it be worth making a transfer to bring in Barella and/or Bentacur and losing 1 or both of the above players?
  8. Rodrygo + 15m for Felix ? Is this a fair deal, im trying to negotiate for Felix.
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