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  1. I was hoping for Correa a +1, i don't think Spain is already done. I thin Carvajal, Griezmaan will get a -1 and ho ping for Correa
  2. Hi guys what do you think about Pedro Porro, are there any other good young risers on the right with similar rankings? (no reece jamen, cancelo, bissaka and others) Thanks
  3. Many thanks no one of them (also Kulusevski) is available. I believe i will go with Pedro in order to achieve a capital gain
  4. Hi, Diaby didn't get 90, i am thinking to sell him and buy an affordable player that can achieve 89. I believe Pedro Neto will only get 88 any other ideas?
  5. Sancho didn't get 93, i didn't expect that, cross finger for tomorrow or no hope?
  6. Hi guys what do you think about Pau Torres, Tabsoba and Konatè? I am not sure about who buy. I was thinking about Pau but konatè will join Liverpool...
  7. Hi guys, any chance for Gosens to get 91?
  8. can't wait to see the other formations
  9. Hi guys what is on your opinion the best thread about tactics? there are some instruction that i have not clear in my mind
  10. Hi Guys, what are in your opinion best investments for 300k?
  11. Hi Guys, I am thinking about selling my Soyuncu and buying Hermoso what do you suggest me?
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