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  1. Is it a good idea to sell Romagnoli? Which young central defender would you recommend? It can be either +90 or -90, the important thing is that he has a good current performance and a promising future.
  2. Odilon Kossounou or Maxence Lacroix? Any other option that you think is better?
  3. Hello, first of all, thank you for your answers to my previous question. After the review I have this question. -Now that Milenkovic has gone up to 90, is it worth selling it and buying Pau Torres/Kounde? I can also sell to Romagnoli -Lafont has the possibility of +1?
  4. Hello! I want to build a team that has a future. My players so far are these. What do you think? Which one should I sell? Who do I buy instead? Lafont Romagnoli, Bastoni, Sarr, Milenkovic, Lamptey, Nuno Mendes Mckennie, Locatelli, Assuncao Haaland, FĂ©lix, Diaby, Fati, Delap, Saelemaekers I thought: -Sell Sarr and buy Tchouameni + Simakan -Sell Milenkovic + Lafont and buy: Pau Torres + Dragowski or Kamara + Drogowski
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