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  1. -Sell Diaby and buy Richarlison? -Keep James Justin?
  2. And now that Villareal is champion? jaja
  3. buy vlahovic? sell romagnoli and buy pau torres? (or tapsoba?)
  4. Thank you! between Botman and Kabak which one would you choose?
  5. rank: -Gabriel Magalhaes -Roger Ibañez -Tomori -Botman If you know of a better one that has those prices and position please let me know. The ideal was Fofana but he has already been bought.
  6. Hello, this is my team, the idea is to have as much potential as possible in the future. I would like to know what do you think about the players, who do you think I should keep and which ones should I sell? I have no objections as to the valuation of the same, or age as long as it remains up to 25-26 at most, what interests me is to have the greatest possible potential. As for the availability of players to buy, I do not know how to provide you with as much information as possible, since there are obviously several talents or established young players who already have a club with a real manager. So if you give me more than one example depending on the position I would be grateful (as I said before, they can be of various age and valuation, since the main thing is that they are a solid bet for the future). Thanks in advance, and if it is necessary that I give some more information let me know.
  7. Hello, I am still full of doubts about selling Romagnoli, does anyone know exactly about his current situation? In case of selling him, I have two options: -Buy one or two young defenders who can reach 89 or 90 in the short term. -Buy a young player already established at least at 90 with a chance to go up. To be more specific, I would have about 25m to make any transaction. And many players like Kimpembe, Upamecano, Kounde, are not available. I don't know which option makes more sense. I am very interested in your opinion and I would appreciate if you could give me several names according to the purchase option you think is the best. Later on, if it is not a bother, I would like to share with you my entire squad, to see what advice you can give me, since it is difficult for me to keep track of everyone and surely by keeping some of them I am missing others with more potential. I started in the 4th division with my team and now I am in the 3rd division, my goal is to reach the 1st division someday with a team that can fight, but for that I have to be meticulous to buy and sell.
  8. Sell Saelemaekers? Doku or Gravenberch?
  9. Is it a good idea to sell Romagnoli? Which young central defender would you recommend? It can be either +90 or -90, the important thing is that he has a good current performance and a promising future.
  10. Odilon Kossounou or Maxence Lacroix? Any other option that you think is better?
  11. Hello, first of all, thank you for your answers to my previous question. After the review I have this question. -Now that Milenkovic has gone up to 90, is it worth selling it and buying Pau Torres/Kounde? I can also sell to Romagnoli -Lafont has the possibility of +1?
  12. Hello! I want to build a team that has a future. My players so far are these. What do you think? Which one should I sell? Who do I buy instead? Lafont Romagnoli, Bastoni, Sarr, Milenkovic, Lamptey, Nuno Mendes Mckennie, Locatelli, Assuncao Haaland, Félix, Diaby, Fati, Delap, Saelemaekers I thought: -Sell Sarr and buy Tchouameni + Simakan -Sell Milenkovic + Lafont and buy: Pau Torres + Dragowski or Kamara + Drogowski
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