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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... what do you guys think of ronaldinho? hes currents 92 can he keep that rating? i can get him for van der sar + 3 mil got buffon and 90mil and hed be my second choice striker
  2. http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=687259&clubid=6724663&sid=18258 could you guys please tell me wich players are likely to drop (so i can sell them or ex them) and who players are likely to rise (keep them) P.S: i play 5-4-1 thanks in advance
  3. hey guys, i havent played sm for over a year now and have decided to start playing again and its extremely hard to get a public man utd i can remember there was an hour or two in the morning when alot of teams were available? are they still available? and when? thanks in advance
  4. i need a 80-85 CB who will rise to 85+ very close. and thanks to whoever helps
  5. Re: Managing your SHORTLIST nice idea i'm with it as i too think it needs more organization i used to use it alot but left it cause i couldnt organize it as i liked it was too random
  6. Re: Squad Progression great idea! and i dont think it would be that hard (for SM)
  7. I just wanted to see if any of you (forumers) would like to join me at this gameworld. it's got great competition with the top 5-6 always changing positions there are still some good clubs with no managers (a couple) and obviously if some forumers joined me i would be more than happy to write reports and everything down here. good luck to everyone who joins p.s: i'm man utd
  8. i need a young winger potential, good chance of rise soon,(important) no more than 16mil (max) id preffer it if he doesnt play in EPL (preffer) and thanks to whoever helps
  9. just wanted to ask about the best moneymakers (70-75)-(80+) and id realy apreciate it if you put their current ratings and your expectations for them and thanks
  10. Re: 88-92 young rising LB...??? ty m8 made an offer for Tremoulinas.
  11. i need a young lb who is likely to rise in the short term or long term. rated 88-92 other than cissokho
  12. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread thanks m8 already started to work got grafite for 10.5mil and am looking forward to the next match already
  13. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread I'v took over burnley... will be back soon
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