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  1. I'm thinking of buying Kossounou, but... is there another better defender I can buy with that kind of money?
  2. Is Victor Kanu worth buying? Does it have long-term potential?
  3. Is De Ketelaere a solid bet for the future? I'm thinking of using Ibrahimovic as part payment, what do you think?
  4. Which do you think are the three best? Thank you, the idea is to buy players with potential, either short or long term.
  5. I have 1 million, which young player should I buy?
  6. I bid 14 million for Reece James, it went up, and they still didn't accept the offer but they didn't cancel it either, should I wait or just bid 20?
  7. do you think reece james will be worth 20 million after this review?
  8. What if I remove it from the transfer list and put it back? Or is there no point?
  9. I had to turn down an offer from Milenkovic 10 days ago, how much longer will I have to wait to receive another one?
  10. What young and promising player can I buy with 3 million?
  11. sell Milenkovic and buy reece james?
  12. I have 2.9 million, which young player should I buy? What do you think about Bakker, Fabio Silva and Roger IbaƱez?
  13. Is Dragowski a solid bet for the future? Or what other GK is suitable?
  14. Predicted peak rating and rank for: Nikola Milenkovic Romagnoli Kounde Pau Torres Boubacar Kamara Tapsoba
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