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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking to try and add Chiesa to my squad after a brilliant tournament. To do so I need to sell though and raise about 20m. I've got quite a lot of players in the CM/AMC role including Camavinga (16m), Bellingham (16m), Reyna (14m), Pedri (20m), Wirtz (14m) and Musiala (7m). Would you sacrafice any of these guys for Chiesa? I thought I could maybe lose Reyna but thought I'd ask here first and get your thoughts. Thanks as always!
  2. Yeah I was thinking Wirtz too before his rise. Thanks mate! Thank you Milanista my friend! I have a few of some of the ones you mentioned, but not others, so time to go shopping! 😁
  3. Hey guys! I've got about £8 million to spend and fancy going shopping at the Wonderkid Factory. I was between probably Wirtz, Gravenberch or Cherki. How would you rank these 3? Are there any others I'd be better trying to get ahead of them? For some context I have: Fofana, Nuno Mendes, Camavinga, Bellingham, Pedri, Szoboszlai, Reyna, Daka, Veron, M Lacroix, Musah, Arezo and a number of the really young players kindly recommended by you guys. Thanks in advance.
  4. Unfortunately my good mate pipped me to Doku, but managed to get Veron a few weeks back so might already be set then! Thanks Kieran!
  5. Yeah thought they could be good investments for the coming years. Thank you Sir! Yeah Wirtz seems special! Thankfully managed to get a hold of Bellingham and Reyna the 2 other Bundesliga young guns but Wirtz is starting to get some interest in my GW too. Like you say, all very young so (hopefully) some time to snap them up! Thanks Toby!
  6. Evening all, Couple of quick ones please. Who do you see as the best left wingers to bring in with good future potential? I'm needing cover for Szoboszlai who has been excellent for me. I'm guessing the likes of Cherki and Hague? Anyone I'm missing that's a must get? Budget of circa 7m. Also - how would you rank the below in terms of must buy... Wirtz, Gravenberch, Ihattaren, Cherki? Thanks as always!
  7. Hey guys, Just picking up on the chat from a few days ago. I need another left back, ideally set to rise over the coming months. I was between Truffert, Bard (who was mentioned a couple days ago) and Juan Miranda. Who do we thinks most likely to do well and develop? Truffert I see has been selected for the France U21 squad. I have Nuno Mendes already! 😉 Thanks all
  8. Thanks guys, appreciate the help!
  9. Thank you Milanista, much appreciated my friend! I've been playing about with the tactics a lot but mostly normal tackling with pressing all over and attacking mentality. Mixed results to be honest. I'm West Brom and as it's so early in our gameworld I've just been trying to gradually better the squad with younger talent and building for the future whilst a lot of the other managers snap up the older players. Playing the long game! 😂
  10. Thanks mate. Thought as much! On the concerns...how does it all work? I guess your main players expect lots of game time and the youngsters are content in the cameo role until they develop further?
  11. Hey guys, Still quite new to SM and trying to get a feel for it. Couple of quick questions... 1. Is there much mileage to sending youth players out on loan? Like does it make a difference development wise? Or is development based on how they're playing irl? Does it help stave off playing concerns? Signed a lot of youth (many recommendations from you guys - thanks!) so just want to make sure I get the best out them. 2. I've played Nuno Mendes 3 times this season...he's been sent off twice and I end up losing. I have tackling set to Normal. Is there anything I can do? Or is that just plain bad luck? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey guys! Thoughts on Mitchell Bakker? See he stormed out of PSG training after losing his place under Poch. Any other left backs worth getting over him? I have Nuno Mendes ready and waiting. Just picked up Musiala...him or Gravenberch? Finally - Matteo Lovato or Maxence Lacroix? Thanks team
  13. This has been quite the one sided debate haha. Thanks mate
  14. Yeah good point! He's still transfer banned at the moment but will try and get the cash together. Thanks mate
  15. Yeah I'd swayed between Boadu and Daka, but saw Daka was linked with a couple moves so thought that might help his rating. Suarez might be tough to get back now but will see what I can do. Cheers mate
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