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    Stuarty reacted to Milanista1 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    With the addition of the DR position I think Llorente would become the most versatile player on SM?   
    EBH looks set to be a 95+ rated striker (one day). Plus, he's still got another 10+ years at the highest level. 
    Oh I must wear my glasses 👓 more often. I thought I read "24 and older" in your first post. 
    May be one/or two of these bad boys:
    F. Ferro, D. Carmo, F. Medina, G. Montiel, R. Tapia, M. Olivera. 
    Not toooo sure who is the best though. I will ask (on here) the Nation experts........ 😀
    Wait, don't tell me you only wanted defensors from the Scandinavian region. 😊 
    +2 is fine. Let's not "over hype" him now. 😀
    I agree amico.
    Very good try amico.
    (Not trying to undermine your post sir). An improvement would be to add a few names of the clubs that are due to be edited + how many players from each club.
    Noni must be pretty talented if he's being poised to replace Jadon Sancho at Borussia Dortmund. 
    Oh silly me. I forgot there was a points system in place for the managers participating in your (fun) little game. 
    🤔 Although City's title win may save him from a 👇drop. He wasn't tooooo bad when he did play this season.
    I would keep Pedri he's in the right club - to develop further. I just hope the hype doesn't affect his development toooo much. 
    "World class player" I think Pjanic went past that stage, even since before his move to Barça. 😊
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    Stuarty reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Hi guys,
    La Liga best XI prospects and risers, with the Spanish review incoming rapidly after numerous edits on Swiki, I’ve decided to announce this team.

    Hope this team can be of use for some of you managers, obviously the top talents like Pedri and Moriba are more than likely unavailabile.
    Cheers Kieran 😁
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    Stuarty reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Diego Almeida (17) one of the brightest prospects at La Masia academy, a ball playing defender who is extremely confident in possession and shows great composure. He’s also excellent in the duel with great strength and brilliant timing of tackles.

    Almeida is the perfect central defender to build attacks, his passing accuracy is key to being able to beat the first and second press and he also has a nature to get forward in the right situations lending himself to the offence. Other positions he is competent in are at RB and CDM, CDM being a position where he could show off his passing ability more.
    I have no doubt we will see him in senior football in the next 2+ years, unbelievable talent and a MUST BUY when added to SM
    Diego is Spanish but has Ecuadorean roots so will be eligible to play for both nations in the future, he has currently played for Spain at 3 different youth levels.
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    Stuarty reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    SERIE A XI prospects and risers:
    Very talented front line with the likes of Dusan Vlahovic and Giacomo Raspadori looking like having bright futures.
    Raspadori recently got called up to the Italian senior team and with his strong end to the season could see a decent rise.
    Valhovic has been outstanding for Fiorentina and may have earned himself a big money move this summer.

    Also had a tough call to make between Wilfried Singo and Nahuel Molina who I believe could see a similar rise playing a fair amount at Udinese this season.
    Ebrima Darboe could also see a small rise 73 -> 75/6, another highly talented midfielder.
    Hope you guys find this useful
    Cheers Kieran 😁
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    Stuarty reacted to The Mad Hatter in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Congratulations Kieran. So many of us benefit from your non-stop contributions. Thanks to forumers like you, the game keeps its interest for folks like me. Cheers!
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    Stuarty reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    10,000 reactions!! Thank you all for your support over the last year!
    Ive been playing soccer manager and been involved in the forum (had another account before this) for the past 10 years on and off, always lost interest and I believe this is the longest period I’ve been active for.
    But to be honest, it’s down to you guys and this great community we have here for keeping it going strong and for the nice people I have spoke too along the way. This is the main reason I continue to log on each day.
    Thank you once again and I will continue to contribute over the coming years 😊
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    Stuarty reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Florian Wirtz (18) took just 32 seconds to score his first Germany u21 goal this evening, 7 minutes later he scored his second.
    Phenomenal talent!

    SM rating - 85 -> 87 
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    Stuarty reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Hi guys,
    Another best XI prospects/risers which will focus on the Bundesliga that should start being reviewed next week.

    Dont ask me why I chose to pick 3 Stuttgart players up front 😂 could of picked Haaland and Sancho but too high rating wise for players I like to predict.
    Hope you guys find this useful.
    Cheers Kieran 😁
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    Stuarty reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Really happy to see Venezia back in the Serie A after being promoted last night, one of my favourite clubs in Italy, beautiful kit, beautiful City.
    Orange, Green and Black. Unique!

    What a setting for a football stadium

    Off topic but I had to share 😂
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    Stuarty reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    James Mcatee (18) added this morning, MUST BUY!
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    Stuarty reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Samed Bazdar (17) possesses great pace which he uses to full effect with his runs in behind the defence and is a real threat on the counter. He’s a clinical finisher aerially or off both foot and what I would call a natural goalscorer being able to position himself in perfect areas to create goal scoring opportunities.

    On top of these attributes he can also drop deep and link up with teammates which can drag opposition defenders out of position and create space for his team, Bazdar is effective defensively too, often tracking back to help his team, he really is a superb example of the complete forward.
    Stats for Partizan u17:
    ✅33 games
    ⚽️39 goals
    🅰️18 assists
    Made his senior debut only 6 days ago.
    Bazdar is yet another product of the FK Partizan academy who is producing so many good young players currently including the likes of Nemanja Jovic and Filip Stevanovic to name a few.
    SM rating - 68
    Value - 200k
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    Stuarty reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Sidney Raebiger (16) added this morning, MUST BUY!
    Not the greatest video
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    Stuarty reacted to Milanista1 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    I agree with Kieran.
    And, if Wolfsburg have a very good run in next seasons CL Maximilian Arnold could even rise further. 
    If you have any change 💰 left over after your shop do let me know - I can reccomemd some more cheaper youth that may be worth picking up (even as risers), as long as you don't go into a negative balance though. 
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    Stuarty reacted to RoyLeo in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Based on performance, yes. But I worry that Goretzka is a little injury prone to achieve his full potential. Silva's problem is a really stacked Man City team. 
    Wirtz, Cherki, Gravenherch.
  15. Haha
    Stuarty reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Chinese businessman bought Zibo Cuju a second tier Chinese team and told the coach to play his son 🤣

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    Stuarty reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    All very close to call but I would say Wirtz, Cherki/Gravenberch.
    Welcome! 😁
    Agree with Milanista for the most part.
    Caleta Car + Maximilian Arnold main reason for Arnold is UCL football next season at Wolfsburg.
  17. Haha
    Stuarty got a reaction from Milanista1 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Yeah I was thinking Wirtz too before his rise. Thanks mate!
    Thank you Milanista my friend! I have a few of some of the ones you mentioned, but not others, so time to go shopping! 😁
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    Stuarty reacted to sirmarkhughes in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    I would take Wirtz before his likely +2.
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    Stuarty reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Jonathan Ruque (20) someone to keep a close eye on this summer with Monaco keen on the player who is currently in the 3rd division in France

    Cheap buy in a low budget game world at 280k with an in game rating of 72.
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    Stuarty reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    French preds (and so all 98 teams from big 5 leagues) done.
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    Stuarty reacted to keefmj in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    you should keep pedro porro rather than get haaland.🤪
    seriously....this question doesnt really need asking. theres zero debate to be had
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    Stuarty reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Liam Delap (18) WILL play more senior football next season, wether that’s on loan or a small sample of minutes for City.
    Hat trick hero tonight in City’s u23 6-1 win over Spurs, in my opinion he’s good enough to be a second striker at City next season.
    20/21 stats
    ☑️ 25 starts
    ⚽️ 29 goals
    🅰️ 5 assists
    🤩 Leads PL2 scoring by 11 goals with 23
    🔥 Goal every 73 min in PL2
    ☝️ PL debut
    🏆 PL2 Champion
    Dominant centre forward with a lethal finish, Delap has the potential to be an elite striker!
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    Stuarty reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Done the top 8 from Italy and the top 4 from France today. Overall, I have 28 teams left to do from these two leagues and it'll get done in the next week or so.
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    Stuarty reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    European U-23 Team of the Week by The Football Talent Scout.
    🇪🇸 Unai Simón
    🇪🇸 Juan Miranda
    🇮🇹 Alessandro Bastoni
    🇧🇷 Éder Militão
    🇲🇦 Achraf Hakimi
    🇪🇸Antonio Blanco
    🇸🇳 Pape Matar Sarr
    🇺🇸 Giovanni Reyna
    🇵🇹 Jovane Cabral
    🇪🇸 Ferran Torres
    🇷🇸 Dušan Vlahović
    Important win for Real Madrid with 2 late goals against Osasuna to keep their title hopes alive, Antonio Blanco with another great performance to follow on from his senior debut.
    This game also included a goal from Eder Militao who is starting to become a huge player for Real Madrid putting aside his early game time struggles when joining from Porto, since Sergio Ramos’ injury Militao has really stepped up in defence for Madrid.
    Moving onto another midfield sensation from Ligue 1 and that is Pape Sarr who I’ve put in my best 11 risers/prospects for Ligue 1 which will be coming out soon, Sarr should be in for at least a +6 in the summer and will no doubt attract a lot of interest before next season. Sarr is a brilliant box to box midfielder who has an eye for goal and is intelligent in the positions he picks up.
    Someone who hasn’t been mentioned on these team of the weeks is Jovane Cabral and to be fair Sporting CP can thank Cabral for keeping the team well clear at the top of LigaNos and one hand on the trophy with a superb cameo.
    28 minutes
    1 goal
    1 assist
    1 penalty won
    15 passes
    80% pass accuracy
    4 key passes
    1 big chance created
    2 successful dribbles
    1 tackle won
    Impressive stats for only half an hour, what a huge impact and the definition of a super sub.
    Borussia Dortmund made light work of their semi final tie against Holstein Kiel winning 5-0 with Giovanni Reyna getting Dortmund off to a fast start with 2 goals inside 25 minutes.
    Yet another appearance for Dusan Vlahovic, probably one of the most inform strikers in Europe at the moment scoring another 2 goals over the weekend to bring his tally up to 19 goals for the season in Serie A.
    Antonio Blanco                     - 78 -> 80
    Eder Militao                          - 90 -> 90
    Pape Sarr                               - 76 -> 82
    Jovane Cabral                      - 83 -> 83
    Gio Reyna                              - 86 -> 87
    Dusan Vlahovic                    - 86 -> 88
    Kai Havertz                            - 91 -> 91
    Devyne Rensch                     - 73 -> 80 (82)
    A couple of players who I think were unlucky to miss out are Kai Havertz who was impressive in the false 9 role again scoring 2 goals for Chelsea and Devyne Rensch who also scored for Ajax and put in an good display, his stock is constantly rising such a talented player who can play in multiple positions.
    Devyne Rensch this season:
    ✅11 games, 3 goals & 2 assists for Jong Ajax
    ✅15 games, 2 goals & 2 assists for Ajax
    🌍European debut
    🏆Dutch Cup
    🥇Abdelhak Nouri Award
    What a season for him! The next big thing from De Toekomst.
    Hope this is still of interest and can be found useful, thanks for reading.
    Cheers Kieran 😁
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