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    Sm greatest got a reaction from Monkeywrench666 in Gold Championship 2, rampant cheating and no interest from SM in tackling it.   
    It’s so annoying to complain that’s there a cheat in the game you need to write a essay!!!
    SM needs to change how players can report a cheat 
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    Sm greatest reacted to Greg Finlay in Notifications for new Gold GW   
    Hi all,
    I've been playing SM Worlds for around 7 to 8 years and normally just focused on the mainstream leagues being created, along with a couple of custom worlds here or there.
    Now, I want to properly venture and actually use my Gold Manager status to the full potential, but by starting in a new Gold GW.
    Can anyone share some tips or actions in the hope of getting a notification as and when a Gold GW is created, or there is one upcoming?
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