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  1. Any defenders around 88-89 that will rise next review?
  2. alexis sanchez + erikson for cancelo?
  3. Im selling, im overloaded in midfield
  4. Thanks, with Dias due to rise would that not make him more valuable than eriksen? I mean a swap with another player
  5. any defenders that would be worth it for a straight swap for eriksen?
  6. Ridvan Yilmaz for besiktas only 19 and getting good minutes. Due a rise?
  7. thoughts on belotti? Will Alexis Sanchez and Eriksen go down next review?
  8. Who has more potential do you think guedes or soler? also dias + davies for neymar?
  9. anyone know if palacios is a solid player to hold, seems to have very little minutes due to injury this season
  10. will mahrez get a 93 do you think? worth selling him if i can use the cash to buy some youngsters?
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