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  1. Thanks. Few days ago it was not Rwanda like i said lol but it was Indonesia league and today India on SoccerWiki... Really don't understand how SM update these leagues and still not update leagues like MLS
  2. It was just a example lol it will be funny if they update an league like Rwanda and MLS still to update eheh
  3. Nobody cares on the game of course lol
  4. i understand you, i have 3 or 4 players from there. its just absurd two years to update one of more important leagues, instead they updated some leagues like kazakistan, bulgaria or even a third world country that nobody cares like Ruanda... This type of things is what makes me think leave the game... talking with these guys on twitter is like talking to a stone... nobody answers me. I already told to them, i they need have some free time sometimes, i will help them :) they only concern is the SM single player, this multiplayer is so much better... thats why i would love talking to them on dis
  5. I would love be on that SM discord group... so many things that SM could fix/improve... where is that update for SMW that they promised? Anyone could ask there? And MLS, mexican league etc without review since 2019 its just odd
  6. This promise update sound great if they keep the word. SMW its so much better than single player, so many potential here... it's an unique game based on reality, i dont understand why they didnt bother with SMW... Anyone knows what's the discord name channel that this @Steven Paulguy was talking about? I would love to know... So long to release an update? Talking for this soccermanager guys on twitter its the same as i speak for a stone
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